when 30 becomes 29 …

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I am not talking about age here. I am talking about something very near to age. it it TIME.

yeah, today we have a BTO class at 9:30. And the prof. closed the room at 9:29. and know what, 50% of the junta missed the class. It hurts really when we miss class like this. Moreover, this one class carries a weightage of 12% if there is a surpise quiz and 7% otherwise. Alas, there i get my D in this.

BTO has always been my fav. class. The prof. gives some really fundu insights in the class. He makes most of think. Well, people confuse between thinks and stinks and most of the time we get this high quality stinking CP. that is because of the 40% grades attached to Class Participation in this course. πŸ™‚

Also, if anyone misses 3 classes of BTO, he/she can pack his bags and leave this place. I guess i need to book an apex ticket now itself πŸ˜›

chalo, this way i am gonna get late for marketing class too. Catch ya later.



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