Use apply names to create readable formulas [quick tip]

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We all know that using named ranges is a good practice. So you went ahead and created names for every value in your complex workbook. But now, what about those formulas which still refer to cells by their addresses? Here is a quick tip to make your formulas readable by replacing cell addresses with the names in one go.

Use Apply Names feature.

apply-names-in-excel-demoHere is how.

  1. Select the cells containing formulas
  2. Go to Formulas > Define Name > Apply Names
  3. Hold Shift and select all the names
  4. Click OK
  5. Your formulas will now have names instead of cell references

See the demo aside to understand it.


Do you use apply names feature?

Most of the times, I create names first and then write formulas. But as models or workbooks evolve, I often have to apply names. In all such cases, I use “Apply Names” feature as it is faster and easier.

What about you? Do you use apply names feature? Please share your experiences and tips in the comments section.

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5 Responses to “Use apply names to create readable formulas [quick tip]”

  1. wookiee says:

    that's a nifty trick. thanks for sharing!

  2. Dr. Demento says:

    Ctrl-Shift-F3 allows you to create names based on values in a col/row of choice(s).

  3. Sally says:

    Wow - I love this. Will definately be using it

  4. John says:

    Hi Chandoo, you are excel-made-easy. i love your website and i come there for excel tips. Thanks

  5. Sergey says:

    For a large list of names, is there a way to select a range (or entire list), instead of clicking each one individually?

    PS Thank you for all your work on this site!

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