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Time series analysis and interactive forecasting in Excel – Sample video from 50 ways course



Are you hungry from some Excel awesomeness? It’s launch time. I am very happy to announce that our most popular analytics online class – 50 ways to analyze data is opening up for enrollments in first week of May 2018. As the name suggests, 50 ways program is all about data and making sense of it. You will learn many ways to analyze, visualize and present data to your clients and superiors. Next time someone asks you, “Can you look at this data and tell us what is going on?” you can confidently say YES.

Learn all about 50 ways program and signup for the waiting list.

In this article, Let me show case one of the examples from 50 ways to analyze data course and how it can help you.

Time Series Analysis and Forecasting in Excel:

Time series analysis refers to the concept of using historical values to understand trend and seasonality in your data and forecasting future values. In earlier versions of Excel, doing this meant building a forecast model that isolates two components of time series data – seasonality and trend. Thanks to new features added in Excel 2016, we can analyze and visualize time series data with ease. In an earlier article, I have discussed about the forecasting feature of Excel.

You can easily extend the built-in FORECAST.ETS() function in Excel 2016 to create something awesome like this:

I have just recorded a video explaining the process of creating such a chart in Excel. This is now part of our 50 ways to analyze data online class. You can get the video by joining our course waiting list.

Please sign up below and I will email the video and workbook to you in a day. Click here if you can’t see the form.

Already a student? You can see this lesson in the bonus section of classroom.

Thank you

Thank you for your continued support, love and inspiration. I am eagerly looking forward to re-opening the 50 ways program and share the knowledge with more of you.

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2 Responses to “Time series analysis and interactive forecasting in Excel – Sample video from 50 ways course”

  1. Bogard says:

    I've been following your blog for several years and I can honetly say there are not many other sites providing the wealth of information that you provide. If your 50 ways to analyze data class is as good as the rest of the information I have been able to read through your blog, your students are up to a great ride.

  2. sherry thomas says:

    looking also for automative forecast templates using excel

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