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Time of my life

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lo… here comes the post on how I spent the last 10 days. Just one word to summerize it all. WONDERFUL.

I spent the first 5 days of vacation with my fiancee. We both had great time together roaming in Indore and eating out.

Then I left to my hometown machilipatnam. I reached my place on 3rd afternoon. From that moment I became the forecrawler for the laziness MTV awards 2005. Seriously I did nothing but eating and watching TV. everytime I thought of the books I carried my in my bag I convinced myself by saying “chandoo, vacation is meant for spending time with oneself and ones near and dear ones. dont spoil it by reading books or doing something really serious :D”. Well, whether faulty or not the logic worked. I managed to get the books back unruffled.

Talking about the time spent in home I cant tell you how much I enjoyed the food this time. I have become little crazy after continued doses of rotis and breads for 3 prolonged months. I dint even tough a single grain of wheat during those 4 days. My mom insisted that I should have chapati for breakfast on one day. She prepares them very well. But I said a firm no. Aah at the mere thought of idlis, bujjis, chutneys, pappus my mouth is watering.

after the omnipresent gastric lust there is little that can be said about the vacation. Of those insignificant things the most bloggable thing is the menacing visual entertainment I had. Actually there is nothing entertaining about it except the interval part. You guessed it right. I am talking about the movies here. I have seen 2 movies in the vacation. One is a telugu remake of Munnabhai MBBS. The other is a telugu dub of so called realistic tamil file 7/g Rainbow colony. The later one is little too real to be believed. The first one is not really boring basically because of the charismatic Chiru in the lead role.

barring the movies and mouthwatering dishes and high quality time spent with parents and relatives I have nothing to say about the vacation.

Now back here on the Hanuman Tekri things started moving. The timetable is already in the inbox. The books in the shelves. The enthu is back in full form. Hope this term goes like a breeze (:P). Will write more blogs in these 2 days on several things in my mind.



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