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The Rape that i was talking about….

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The rape that I was talking about is going to be the subject matter of the next couple of paras. If you are not the kind of person who would appreciate adult/obscene/violent content on a web log, please never consider an option of doing an MBA, also, please don’t read any further. All others who are reading this line are by default qualified for the next round where they can be audience for the world’s best verbiage in iim-i. 😀

Uhh… did I really write the above para??? well, I think I am still in the HBW mood. anyway, lets talk about that r#$e.

It was a rainy day. The atmosphere is conducive for sleep. it is drizzling, with a nasty breeze that is provoking me to bunk the classes and snug. However, the compulsory attendance stipulations have forced me to attend the class.

In the class room the scene was not so active and I started dozing off every now and then. After some effort, I was able to stay awake in the later classes. And in the last class I have realized the threat. I know that it was coming. I know that I will have to endure this pain. But, all of a sudden, I have realized that I am totally against this. With shock, horror and fear I started waiting for it. Right after classes I rushed to mess with hungry stomach and empty brain. I want to take my lunch fast and disappear. I am safe at my room. If I am outside then the stranger can attack me at any time.

But, to my horror, there was a long queue at mess. I cannot take the lunch any sooner than 2:10. Finally when I came out, it was clear. The lecher is waiting for me right outside the mess. As soon as I have seen him, I rushed. I started running. with heavy panting I reached my room and locked the door immediately. I was telling myself that, it is nothing, I can fight with him. But, somehow, the fear was too overwhelming to do anything. After some good 40 mins, I mustered all my courage and came out of my room. he was nowhere to be seen. I checked the time. It was 2:55 pm. I know where he will be at this time. I have decided to fight with him. With that aim, I rushed to acad block, the place notorious for hiding him. There were so many people there. Almost, everybody in PGP1 was present there. I was relived because, with this many people in the vicinity, I am sure, he cannot do anything to me. I went inside the classroom along with everyone else and occupied my seat. At exactly 3 pm I have noticed it. He is there, right in front of me. with all his cruel ways and weapons, he is very much there. I was dumbstruck at once. My mind is saying that it cannot take this. But I am helpless.

It all started slowly. It is pain. Add to it, I cannot ask for any help. With each passing minute, the pain is growing by leaps and bounds. The humiliation is no way comparable to what I have suffered thus far in my life. When I thought of running away, I reminded the fact that, I was locked inside a room. I cannot go away!!!!

It ended as abruptly as it started, exactly at 3:20 pm. I was disgusted to such an extent that, I could not even stand up from my seat. After some sustained efforts, I proceeded towards the exit.

Several thoughts were flocking my mind.

“what will be my future???”

“worse still, what if there is a result???”

“How can I show my face to any one after this???”

With all the shame and suffering, I somehow managed to ask some people about it. There were varied responses like,

“It is ok, you can get away with it!!!”

“Yeah its tough, it is painful, but you have to move on!!!”

“You will be used to it after 2-3 times!!!”

“Next time prepare yourself better so that it wont be that painful!!!”

the most unexpected response came from a CA. He said “It is a good one. I enjoyed it!!!!”

with each of the responses my heart sank to new depths. What is happening???

I came back to my room, with slow motion and loads of introspection and worry. Initially I thought of sleeping, so that I can forget about the torture I have endured just a couple of minutes ago. But, the pain and suffering are too demanding that I couldnot sleep either. So I went to mess to get some tea.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Days have passed and one fine day, after the snacks, I came to know that there is something for me outside the mess. I went there. There, lying in the rack, inconspicuously hidden in the bunch of papers, the report. I was terrified to even look at. I am afraid of it being negative. If it is negative, that will be the worst nightmare of my life. slowly I took it in my hands. At first, I checked my name, to confirm whether it is my report or not. It is mine. I was shocked!!!

I have scored decently in my first accounts quiz. I got a positive result. Hurray!!!!

After that, there were several rapes. some with bad results. some with encouraging results. as they say, “life moves on”.


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  1. yashwanth says:

    awesome explaination....really i was excited and read it with so much enthusiasm till end..

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