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The Calvin Fund!

Well, thats not a new mutual fund in the market, but I can understand your confusion, given that several AMCs have tiger funds. Calvin fund is the name I am giving to my investment drive. The aim is to purchase a complete collection of my favorite strips, “Calvin & Hobbes – The complete collection” which is selling at Rs. 4000 odd currently. I know, dont fume, this still is a dilbert blog, and that is a why, I am going to use my investment acumen (??) to purchase this book.

Fund name: The Calvin Fund
Objective: Systematically pump in money at regular intervals with the aim of generating investment returns of rs. 4000 or more
Timeframe: Short-term, maximum time given for the fund to generate returns in 8 months
Investment Amount: Rs. 1500 every month
Investment Avenues: Primarily in to mid-cap stocks, filtered through several screens or analyst reports and then hand-picked by me, If nothing works, the money might be parked in an mf trying to make short-term gains.
What if the fund fails: I HOPE YOU SUFFER A DEBILITATING BRAIN ANEURISM, YOU FREAK!, alternatively, I will fold-up my fund and buy the book anyways 😉

The fund will start officially on April 2007, and aims to close by December this year. Every month first week, I will disclose the funds performance and investments. May be the NAV as well.

What do you get from this? I know many people who want to buy this complete collection, but never got around to do it. If you are one of them, you can also create your Calvin Fund and purchase the same stocks / mfs that I am buying. Feel free to comment with tips on where I can park the money so that I get to lay my hands on this tome early.

Watch this space for April First Edition and wish me all the best 🙂

PS: the Images are copyrighted from Archives and Amazon Page.


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