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  • I have been reading Investment Biker, Freakonomics and No Comebacks. The last one by Frederick Fosyth, a short story collection. Investment Biker is a good books if you like travelogues, biking and investing in any order.
  • I have seen a ton of good movies recently including Blood Diamond, American History X and Schindler’s List. I am actually cursing myself for not watching both AHx and Speilberg’s classic till now. They have been lying in my HDD for almost 2 years now and finally I had the courage to double click on them last weekend (last night). AHx made sure that Edward Norton along with Ewan McGregor and DiCaprio will nicely fit the gap that earlier generation of brilliant actors like Jack Nicholson, Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman left.
  • Most of my free time after office is spent with cooking or reading or browsing. I think my A75 is dusting, may be this month you will see some purnography after all those korean photos.
  • We have booked an Activa last week. We are naming it “Manmadhudu”, after a popular telugu movie starring Nagarjuna. No specific reason. Temporarily I am shelving my thoughts of acquiring an Avenger. A 2-wheeler for everyone in the family is our priority now 🙂

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