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Nagpur dossiers

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Except for the brief stopovers and platform adventures, never did i come to this city, nor do i know someone from this small and tidy place. So, when I peeked out of that volvo window when the bus is at the city outskirts, i felt like a little kid opening his new toy. Well, after spending almost three days all i can say about this place is that “its hot”.

Sadly, the hot part is not in a way which excites the adult mummals. Today i had a guided tour disguised as field visit, thanks largely to the enthu FSO who took me to hospitals. I came to know that there is nothing much to see/eat/drink/enjoy in this place. Even the famous oranges are no where to be seen except on the railway platforms. All I see is loads of mangoes (yum yum) and people with various masks. Even I am wearing mask to prevent direct sun attacks.

Thus said, you can safely imagine that i have done literally nothing but eating and sleeping in the AC room. I carried my cam 2 days consecutively only to capture one foto depicting Nagpur’s internet savviness. Will post it from the place which has usb ports and win xp running in a box. (Duh, the comp on which i am sitting has window 98 and a keyboard out of jurasic park).

Chalo. Me going to bhopal this night. With apurv still in bhopal, my trip should be fun.



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