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Jo’s first keyboard shortcut

Keyboard Shortcuts - 19 comments

Jo, my lovely wife quit her job as my partner in crime at Chandoo.org recently and took up a lucrative position at NZ govt. agency. The other day I asked her “how was your day?” when she got home. She smiled and said, “I learned my first Excel shortcut!”.

Guess what it is?


That is right. The mighty F4 key. You can use it to repeat any action.

Jo was using it to insert rows in her workbook. After inserting first row (using CTRL+ of course), she would press F4 to add more rows as needed.

So next time you find yourself doing the same thing several times, use F4 and save yourself a few keystrokes or mouse moves.

Your mission: What is your partner’s shortcut of the moment?

Take a short break from work. Call / message / ask your partner (or friend, mate, parent or kid) what their shortcut of the moment is? Post it here in the comments section.

What… they don’t use Excel much? May be they should.

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19 Responses to “Jo’s first keyboard shortcut”

  1. Craig Williamson says:

    CTRL + semi colon to insert the current date.

    I use this every day multiple times a day

  2. Andy ZE says:

    CTRL+Y which is re-do

  3. MF says:

    Grouping data followed by F4
    It saves lots of time ?

  4. Andy ZE says:

    F4 in a formula to change that part to relative or absolute

  5. TheQ47 says:

    My wife is moving job soon, from a nursing position to a nurse management role. In her previous post she never had to use Excel, so the thing I'm most excited about in her new job is that I'll be able to help her learn to use Excel!

  6. Aishwarya says:

    When I want to copy format of a cell and apply it to more than 1 cell I just double click the format painter icon and click on all cells that I want to format. This saves time rather than clicking on the icon several times. Not sure if this is a shortcut but thought I will share it.

  7. Franciele says:

    CTRL+SHIFT+L = filter
    Select the cells + ALT+;= only visibles

  8. John says:

    F4, not just for toggling between relative and absolute references!

  9. Taylor says:

    ctrl+shift+t = reopens last closed tab(s) in Chrome/Firefox

    cmd+shift+t on Mac

  10. Sal says:

    Strikethrough CTRL5

  11. dan l says:

    She'd represent. She's got a familial reputation to protect.

  12. puneet says:

    f4 is used to freeze formula or f4 is used to repeat

  13. Bhavani Seetal Lal says:

    Ctrl+End : Select till the entire data till Blank.

  14. Sohail Anwar says:

    I think that a hearty congratulations to Jo is in order! Well done. Sohail

  15. Lou Grills says:

    ALT + E, the S then F

    Copy a formula across all selected cells

  16. Prasad says:

    Alt+ here :), been a year since we are relying more on excel for reporting of marketing campaigns.

  17. Vignesh Veerasamy says:

    my favourite ones are

    1. F2+CONTROL + ENTER to copy the formula without formatting.
    2. Control+G to innovate many functions of which rows with blanks cells can be removed without disturbing the data.

    Vignesh V

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