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In search of khandala…

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The trip to khandala training facility (its called North Point Learning center) was eventful with its own share of (mis)adventures. We (Kishore and myself) started from HYD on 27th night in a bus to Pune. There is a huge traffic jam on the way and we reached 3 hours late to pune at around 9:30am.

Since the cab guys are asking a little too much to take us to khandala we thought we can take the bus to that place. When we entered the Swargate (btw, thats what pune ppl call their bus station) one conductor pointed a red bus and told us that it would go to khandala. We postponed our plans for breakfast and freshing up and took that bus. When we asked the conductor how much time it would take to reach khandala he told us “1.5 hours”. We thought ‘ok, we can go to the training facility and freshen up there, afterall its just an hour and half away’.

The bus dropped us off at a not so well looking bus station in the middle of a thick hilly region. When we asked the auto guys there to take us to North Point they stared at us as if we are the martians asking for vada pav. It took us no time to realize that we were in another khandala which is 60km away from pune, but in a diametrically opposite direction. And there is no way in hell we could get something to eat/drink in that place, forget about freshening up.

At 12:30 pm on 28th, we were 100+ km away from the place where we are supposed to go. We were in Pargoan Khandala.

We tried to get lift from there to bombay/pune. But nothing seem to work in that hinterland. After 40 mins or so we got into a Bombay bound state govt. transport bus. As the fate would have, there are no seats available in the bus and there is very little space for luggage. After standing in the bus for a couple of hours we got seats. By that time both of us were really hungry and weak. Its almost 20 hours since our last meal.

We finally reached Lonavla at 5PM. And by the time it is six, we were inside the North Point LC brushing our teeth :D. Overall the journey was both lenghty and eventful.

Coming to the campus and khandala here, well this place is awesome and peaceful. We are having good time. Will post more details sometime later.

Just in case if you havent read the entire post, there are 2 Khandalas in Maharashtra. Ask for Lonavla khandala if you are a tourist and Pargoan khandala if you are God forbidden 😉


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