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Here is a free idea for Starbucks

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starbuck coffee cupsA significant amount of my job work involves drinking copious amount of coffee while looking out the window. Ok, I am kidding 🙂 I wish my job involved all that, but I still drink a cup of coffee every workday (Weekends are obviously reserved for good old Filter Kaapi). Unfortunately I am forced to buy and drink 355 ml (google tells me that is all of 12 Oz.) of coffee because that is the minimum size available. As you can see on the left, the cup looks like a small cauldron. Every sip makes me feel guilty (well, may be because I wasnt looking out of window but actually working on a spreadsheet).

So here is a free idea for Starbucks and all other coffee makers. Why dont you introduce small cup sizes, something around 8 oz? It promotes healthy life style, gives customers a choice to be indulgent without guilt and makes reasonable business sense.


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5 Responses to “Here is a free idea for Starbucks”

  1. Cristobal says:

    Starbucks has a "short" size that is smaller than their "tall". The cup in your picture looks like it is from a Starbucks reseller and not one of the actual stores. Which means that the reseller may or may not (probably not) have the smaller "short" size.

  2. Chandoo says:

    @Cristobal... yeah, you are right... I am buying coffee from a counter in our office... reseller... good to know that they do have "short" sizes indeed... wonder why that choice is not passed to resellers, high time they did it...

  3. Hypnos says:

    One pointer: as you can see on the left? How can I make out what is the size of the cup by looking at the picture, which shows only the cup without any reference item alongside? Not everyone is a living in the US and drinking Starbucks coffee you know.

  4. Chandoo says:

    @Hypnos.... taken, but I have also mentioned the capacity of the cup - 350 ml, it roughly correlates with a half-liter coke bottle or a beer bottle. even though not everyone is in US, I am sure most of us drink coffee/tea and we know what drinking nearly half-a-liter of it means...

  5. Hypnos says:

    Ok, it was more like a nit-pick on that phrase that you had written... more like MOC feedback 😛

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