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A Hairy Update [personal]



Those of you reading the blog for the last few months would know that I manage 2 more super-fast growing ventures. They are called Nakshatra and Nishanth. Our twin babies. They are in to 9th month now (born on September 24th last year).

It is fairly common for kids in this part of the world to get rid of their birth hair around this time. So we took the kids to a near by temple to get them tonsured. I want to share a few pics with all of you.

First it was Nishanth’s turn, since he is one minute older.

Nishanth getting tonsured

At first he cried a bit at the touch of a stranger. But then he loved getting shot and posed for pics.

Then it was Nakshatra’s turn.

She normally cries even at the sight of a new person. Talk about the barber shaving her head. We silenced her using the pacifier. (btw, we call her timmy, named after the sheeplet in Shaun the Sheep, because she wouldn’t sleep without her pacifier.)

Nakshatra getting tonsured

But the pacifier didn’t help. She cried a lot and scared the snip-man. I had hold her real tight to make sure she wouldn’t have any cuts.

And this is how they look now..,

All went well in the end. Now, they will sport plenty of new hair for the first birthday.

Kids after Gundu

You can tell that Nakshatra is quite attracted to lens.

PS: Those of you with a keen eye for hair would notice that I got a hair cut too. Yep, I was tired with the long locks.

PPS: I cant hold this pun any more. So here it goes, its going to get real pointy haired here for the next few weeks.


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13 Responses to “A Hairy Update [personal]”

  1. jeff weir says:

    Great sharing, Chandoo. My neighbor had a baby today (a very quick home birth), and it was amazing and humbling to be reminded of how small we all are in the beginning when I saw their new daughter. My own kids (aged 4 years and 6 years) have grown at about the same rate as i have lost my hair and memory, and so I can hardly comprehend that they were so small too.

    Thanks for the photos.

  2. Richard P says:

    Great pics Chandoo. They look very happy despite the ordeal.

  3. Tim says:

    Good memories with more to come!!

  4. Rob K says:

    Wonderful Pics Chandoo. It is a blessing to see such wonderful babies and a father as excited as you obviously are with your children. I wish you the very best and a long life of continued interest, involvement, and enthusiasm with the two miracles. I am sure they too will excel as grand as their brilliant father.

  5. kaliman says:

    God bless them, you have lovely kids.

  6. dan l says:

    I can't get my two year old to sit in the hair chick's chair for longer than 60 seconds without her screaming. You've got 1 year olds getting their head buzzed.

    #N/A 🙁

  7. Victor says:

    Haha awesome man 🙂

  8. chrisham says:

    Well this what makes your blog really interesting.... nice pics Chandoo!

  9. Daan says:

    Great venturing Chandoo!

    Thanks for this Excellent blog.


  10. VJ says:

    Great Picture. Thanks for sharing. Adorable kids. I remember going thorugh this tradition long time ago with my cousins when they were young. We have our 1.5 yr old son had a buzz cut recently . Next time when I am in India, I would love to get this done. Did you get this done at Tirupathi?


  11. Lisa Ella says:

    They look so cute bald! 🙂

  12. Angela Coleman says:


    Your children are adorable. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

  13. V S VENKATRAMAN says:

    Dear Chandoo

    It's like BALD n Beautiful.... God Bless them.... thanks for sharing the photos

    V S Venkatraman

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