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Duct tape found! Three men arrested!!!

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Well, thats exactly the type of news items I am reading / watching these days. Not that there is nothing else is happening in the world, for some obvious reasons most of the MSM have chosen to adopt the policy of selling the news instead of reporting the news.

So, even PHD decides to celebrate this new found enthusiasm to elaborate the unnecessary. To start with, the news ‘bull’etin on August 25:

“This is HOT and BIG” commented Chandoo: In an evening full of jamboree and shopping spree Chandoo opened his mouth with surprise looking at his new clothes iron, he said, “this is HOT and BIG, I am sure it will take no more than 6 seconds to flatten my roughest chinos…”

“7 times in one day! I am tired now” cribbed Chandoo: After a day long of nothing but exhaustion, Chandoo reported to us that “How many times should I call them? I have done it 7 times yesterday. Thats the maximum. I am tired now. Those Ai**el people are not giving me broadband connection….”

“Sexy **tch scratched”: In the rush alleys of shoppers stop, the other day, Chandoo scratched his sexy watch against a glass. We suspect anti-national elements hand in it…

“Table delivered!!! New born missing!!!”: After a week full of speculation and waiting finally Chandoo’s Computer table is delivered at his home today. In a different event altogether a new born child is missing somewhere in India.

“In India the average size is 14 inches!, thats NOT big enough for me” says Chandoo: After spending weeks time of reading on MouthShut, loads of TV sites, Chandoo finally settled for nothing less than the average size of Indian TV, that is 14 inches. (source: our Bureau’s imagination). He bought a 21inch LG Flatron sometime back.

Thanks readers, I hope you enjoyed reading the PHD tabloid. Otherwise, work is keeping me busy these days. Some interesting stuff happening back home as well. Shall write a detailed post hopefully in the weekend.


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