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CNN-IBN messes up global warming with local warming

Humor , media , wonder why - 2 comments

Can this get any more ridiculous?
Global warming or local warming?


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2 Responses to “CNN-IBN messes up global warming with local warming”

  1. Abhishek says:

    Sometimes I feel CNN-IBN is more hype than substance. I have often found their headlines having some sensational stuff completely unrelated to the story.

    Liked your blog. Added to my blogroll 🙂

  2. Na na na ... that leaves a bad taste. Though Global Warming lingo is being used so often these days. Recently I heard on some podcast a man saying that if he faces any problem he says that in comparison to global warming this is nothing. I used the same thing is a meeting with one of our client, he was furious with us for not being able to meet the deadline and I just dropped with Mr.X if you see this in comparison to Global warming you may not be as angry and everyone just broke into laughter riot (we were saved from facing the tough client thanks to global warming). BTW Chandoo I hope you are doing your bit to keep this planet cool 🙂

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