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A Day without Internet :)

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Internet connection at home has given enough opportunities to me to stay idle and wonder about the dust in my mouse. But today proved to be different. Since there is some problem with the net connection I had to actually think of ways to kill the time other than stumbling. The output aint that bad. 🙂

6:30 – Wake up as usual, realize that net isn’t up. Curse the ISP, Gateway, W3C and all other things I know about Internet.

8:30 – start reading Hindu. In about 15 seconds realize that there is a good movie (As good as it gets) on Star Movies @ 10 am.

10-12: As good as it gets

12:30 – realize that net isnt up yet. Curse the dumb tube for not airing anything worthwhile.

1:30 – 4:30 – make some calls to people who are either busy typing or playing games on the net. Start solving su.do.ku and then crossword in hindu.

4:30 – start watching Fahrenheit 9/11 on HBO.

6:00 – leave home to try catching a telugu movie. bad luck, the tickets are already over. Ride back home hoping that net would be available.

6:30 – realize that it isnt up. nothing more left to curse. So start calling up friends and irritate them.

7:30-10:30 – tube surfing. Not really fun, but forced it upon myself.

11:00 – Net is up. Had to make a choice between sleeping and surfing. Choose to blog instead 🙂

To whoever reads this line: you must be appreciated. and you know why 😉


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