Gmail Labs 2 new useful features – Mark as Read, Label Auto Suggest

Posted on September 23rd, 2008 in technology - 1 comment

gmail-labs-useful-features-mark-as-read-label-auto-suggestGmail Labs constantly introduces new features that make using Gmail much more productive. Recently they introduced 2 new features – Mark as Read button and Auto suggest for label search which I find extremely useful.

Mark as read is really useful since I use it often to get to inbox zero. I am obsessed with reading / replying to all relevant mails.

Just enable these cool features by clicking on “settings” on your gmail page and then go to “Labs” tab. Enable any of the cool labs features to make your mailbox much more productive.

Btw, if you are experiencing problems with labs features you can always visit your gmail inbox without labs features by visiting

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One Response to “Gmail Labs 2 new useful features – Mark as Read, Label Auto Suggest”

  1. Kapil says:

    I love the little add-on which lets you make different types of symbols instead of just the "star" next to each message header.

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