PHD’s Regular Blah #4

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  • Saturday went really busy. 2 of us went to Lotte World, a fantasy world with lots of rides and magic stuff. We stayed there from afternoon 1 to night 10. Then we went to a mart to buy some odd stuff. By the time we return to hotel it was 12.
  • Its fun to be out when its snowing. But it could be immensely painful when it snows cats and dogs. We almost lost on our way back to hotel due to heavy snow.
  • Google seem to be least popular among the search engines in Korea. Here search is predominantly controlled by the service providers. People Naver more than they Google.
  • Paul Theroux is an awesome writer. I am going to a new place with him everyday. Thanks to “riding the iron rooster
  • Christmas decorations here are just out of the world. Every street is so cute with the lights and trees. Wait for the special PHD Christmas lights edition in the next few days.
  • Slept the most of the Sunday and during the active time saw cars again.

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