Creating New MFs – the SBI way

Posted on December 7th, 2006 in personal finance - 0 comments

Mutual fund companies often develop this compulsive urge to launch a new product, but sadly mutual funds are one of the boring financial services and all most all of them do one of the following four:

  • Retain your capital and provide liquidity
  • Give returns at risk free rate by investing in longterm governament bonds etc.
  • Give moderate returns by mixing equity and debt prudently
  • Take high risks by putting everything in equity and probably generate high returns and (or) tax benefits.

SBI MF seems to have bitten by this bug again and they launched ONE India fund, the basic proposition being the fund aspires to invest in profitable companies from four regions of India viz. South, East, North and West. To be frank, I dont think the profitable companies are distributed bby regions or anything like that. But again, its the same product in a new package to attract masses.

See the campaign images, they are interesting though…

PS: Images from SBIMF

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