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Not that you would be interested to know them, but anyways,

>>> It does rain in Chennai for more than 12.3 seconds at a time. It happened once yesterday.

>>> Using combo-boxes in excel is not that difficult, it is so much more fun and intuitive. Try learning them here if you are a excel freak like me.

>>> Food in AC rooms of Saravana Bhavan is 60% costlier than it is in non-AC section, Huge premium for escaping the hot Chennai weather.

>>> Chennai share-autos look lousy, but work well for short distance (<8 km types). They charge less and take you to the destination quick.

>>> It is futile to expect a pucca Tamil/South-Indian restaurant in Chennai to serve a decent North-Indian meal. Most of the time even fried rice is a north Indian meal 😉

>>> Saloons are uber-costly in chennai. Both the times I had to shell out upwards of 80 bucks to get a cut/maalish.

>>> ICICI Call centers are much more user-friendly and sensible than most of the other company’s CCs.

What did you learn? 🙂

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