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Even though looking like a secret password or a mission statement (well, sometimes mission statements look like that too) the title simply implies that I am moving to a new room after spending nearly an year in this place. This time to the chaos block, room number 320.

This new room confirms the pet hypothesis I postulated to myself sometime back. That is,

“Purna Chandra Rao a.k.a. Chandoo f.k.a. PHD always stays in the top floor.”

Raw data confirming this hypothesis,

– Engg. – 4 years in top floor
– Work – 1 year in the top floor
– diploma – 2 years in 2 different top floors

Other than the typical cribs of an over-weighted soul & body about the number of flights he has to climb, I must tell you all that my new room has a wonderful view and very near to gym :). The stay there should be fun (for madhu is still in a-305.)

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