What did you say your name is???

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I always thought that people would love to hide their identity when it comes to online forums/chat rooms/etc. Some mavericks always try to come up with crazy names too. Still some more people hide their identities even in blogs.

When you are a regular user and mod at largest B school student online community in India, you will get a decent chance to see various methods used by people in hiding themselves. Undoubtedly the best of them to hide your real name. Oflate i am seeing a trend where usernames are no longer cryptic but little vulgar, crazy and funny.

Take a look at these names and i bet you would agree with me.

Ullu Ka Pattha Oh really?
LifeSucksJobSucksGFDoesnt hehe… must be a jobless software engineer(actually jobless software engineer is a pleonasm)
$Get a Life$ do i see a pattern here?
One step to insanity No doubt you registered at pagalguy.com
brain in drain Where is your keyboard?
master of all trades Where is the other part?
jack of all trades Oh!, here you are.
having identity crisis Hmm… yeah even we are having a problem figuring out who you are…
definitelymale007 I still doubt you 😛
andthentherewas1more Good one there
rascal_one You dont give us a chance to evaluate you. do you?
Gaurav_the original Where are the other 23 shades dude?


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