alive and getting kicked

Posted on August 6th, 2004 in Random - 2 comments


aah.. the blog is in perfect condition. a 4-5 days of neglegence is not serious at all. This is the good thing with blogs, unlike girlfriend(s) they keep quiet 😀

well, coming to my mental condition, i am totally absorbed into what we call midterm mania. I think i will be staying away from this place for another 3 days. Once the exams are over, i will post again.

Infact, as a bait, i have something very interesting to share. that is my first shot at rape. so all ye attentive readers, watchout this place.

with that i take the honour to invite QT1 to consume my time.

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2 Responses to “alive and getting kicked”

  1. Anonymous says:

    "This is the good thing with blogs, unlike girlfriend(s) they keep quiet :D"



  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Chandoo,
    An old teammate of THE BIZZYBEES here. Didn t realise that u took the break up of the team to heart man. Please for heaven s sake, the team itself is still evolving. Venky and me can t stand losing at any cost. And after the debacle at the Cric Quiz and other successive quizzes, we decided that the time was ripe for a change. In fact Raju asked us whether he could join us and not the other way.

    Chandoo man, no hard feelings. PS: Check my blog out. Loads and loads of senti stuff !!!! I m sure u ll relate to it more than anyone else.


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