Life slowly begins

Posted on July 1st, 2004 in Random - 2 comments

Today i had my registration. They gave me my first term course books (case studies will be distributed later) and notebooks. Oh yeah, they gave me writing instruments too. And yes, rule book and PGP manual where in all the terms and grading system et al are described.

Today seems to be peaceful. Must be the lull before the storm. We have 2 meetings tonight. one at 10:00, meeting the SWAC members. SWAC is the student body of iim-i. it has some 30 members and they manage almost everything here. you name it, say mess, it infra, placements, acads, sports, spirit, party…

The other meeting is with placement committee at 10:30. That is as of now. We may have some more meetings or surprise things coming up. All these are put up on the notice board outside mess hall. we call that board terror board. 😀

Yesterday night D blocks pgp1s had a dunking night. pgp2s woke them up at 3am types and dunked them with cold water. this is a ominous sign that we may have it today.

That is all as of now.

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2 Responses to “Life slowly begins”

  1. Anonymous says:

    cooool ra. so enjoying...great.

  2. achhibaatein says:

    Great POST !!

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