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We Want Your Ideas

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Chandoo.org Wants You

Over the past 3 years Chandoo has written about 1,300 posts on all things Excel and in the past 12 months Hui has contributed another 20 posts mostly targeted at the application of Excel techniques to real life situations.

But is this really what you want to see us write about?

So in this post we’re opening the floor to you, with a single question:

What would you like to see discussed in future posts at Chandoo.org ?

Your ideas can be as specific or general as you like:

One Rule only: The Idea must involve the Functionality, Use or Application of Excel !

We cannot guarantee that your idea will result in a Post, But if you don’t ask, you won’t receive

We will do our best to schedule posts where most requested and suitable skills and time is available by authors.

So, What would you like to see discussed in future posts at Chandoo.org ?

Let us know what you’d like to see in future posts in the comments below:


Hello Awesome...

My name is Chandoo. Thanks for dropping by. My mission is to make you awesome in Excel & your work. I live in Wellington, New Zealand. When I am not F9ing my formulas, I cycle, cook or play lego with my kids. Know more about me.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Visit Excel for Beginner or Advanced Excel pages to learn more or join my online video class to master Excel.

Thank you and see you around.

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91 Responses to “We Want Your Ideas”

  1. Jonathan says:

    How about a new series focussing on newbies, like maybe build up a semi complicated project over several lessons, one a week perhaps. other than that keep up the great work, i learn everyday

  2. chrisham says:

    I would love chandoo.org to post more VBA stuff for the advanced users. May be a once a week some hardcore VBA stuff would really be a big boon.

  3. ramakanth says:

    hi chandoo ... thanks to your dedicated efforts im able to call my self proficient (will reach the awesome level in a few weeks!! 🙂 ) in excel in just 6 months...i read most of your posts and also use your site as a reference if i get into trouble (which is very often 😉 ) ... as you have clearly explained all the functions of excel, i suggest you start focusing more on the application part and also as suggested by chrisham i would love it if you start on the vba stuff...looking fwd to become awesome in that too 🙂

  4. mohammed mustafa says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    This is mustafa again asking if you could post a solution on chart animation, like the business chart of excel hero where the column chart animates into a area chart. the animation effect is excellent, and while we are learning vba, we could step onto this learning as well. i would really appreciate if you could post this.



  5. I like many of users of this wonderful space of ideas and suggestions, have learned a lot. thanks for that ... 🙂
    Time is money and many users spend too much time copying, inserting data into excel to be processed in reports, dashboards (and so on). Everything manually.
    Why not give examples how to import text files, data from Oracle databases and Access (and other databases types) all automatically where the user just press a button and everything appears done?
    If you need help to develop some samples fill free to ask me...

  6. Joe says:


    It would be helpful for me if there were posts about using Excel and SAP.

    Keep up the great work.


    • Othmar says:

      Hi Joe
      Might be possible, that I can be of some assistance for you as well. (I am using SAP, Excel, SAP BW/BI).
      (But no programming, as all is closed by our IT Dept. ;-( )


  7. John Kyle says:

    Chandoo -
    1. Maps. Specifically, interactive maps. You recently posted a nice info graphic (http://www.economist.com/content/indian-summary) that shows what I mean. People want to be able to do this Excel without a lot of pain or cost.
    2. Webby stuff. There is a lot to be covered here - how to embed a YouTube video in an Excel Dashboard, how take data from one worksheet and post it onto a Google Map that is embedded in another worksheet, etc. The possibilities are endless here.
    3. Email list management. This is less about Excel tips and tricks and more of an application area. Marketing people all over the world are using Excel spreadsheets (csv files, really) to manage their various email lists. They gather the data from their CRM systems, manage several csv files and then load them into various emailing services (like Vertical Response).


  8. 3G says:

    Love to see some more basic and intermediate items with array formulas. The use/purpose helper columns would be sweet.

  9. 3G says:

    One more thing I forgot....some intro to VBA/basic VBA classes. I am clueless!

  10. sagar says:

    It would be nice to focus on new dashboards, intro-level VBA and inventory control tricks in excel.

  11. Fred says:

    More Challenges! Post intermediate or advanced level of excel problems (regular excel and/or VBA based) and let people post their answers. It would be interesting as to learn from others on how they approach a problem and see creative people can be.

    And do it in an organized way where we can all go to the same place (like a button on the menu bar above). And let us vote(like fb) for the most creative and neat way to solve a problem, so you don't have to spend too much time going over 50 or 100 entries.

    Since I like playing games we can set up a "braging" right thing such as number of First correct response, most voted favorite solution, etc.

  12. Debbi says:

    I am familiar with vlookups and have tried to understand index and match with little success. More step by step information. thanks.

  13. VJ says:

    Since a lot of people with excel skills look for jobs, why not show people how to create excel "resume dashboards" with their resumes, skills, professional experiences in excel. It is a great way to send a resume to somebody and making things interactive.

  14. Rich says:

    1. Definitely into learning more about VBA from a Chandoo.org perspective
    2. Examples with quickly analysing and Compare/Contrasting large sets of data to catch errors & to create meaningful conclusions
    3. More =INDIRECT formula work, with named ranges, sheet names, and file names used as references.

  15. DA says:

    I second VJ's comment. A resume dashboard would be very impressive, although I dont know how it could be visually appealing. Most resume's are all text, no graphs, maps, or animations.

  16. Prakash says:

    Dear Chandoo,

    I am your very new fan & subscriber. Going through your awesome tutors.

    My request - Make an excel sheet for stock market, where a person can enter his choice of stocks using BSE/NSE code with his choice of low & high price. Excel connects to Live prices & when choice of price is reached, Excel gives pop up so person can purchase/sell based on alert given.

    This will be very very helpful for people who cant trade full time & want to monitor stocks.

    You have my real email ID, If you plan to make a paid excel sheet also please let me know.

  17. Walter says:

    Chandoo and Hui rock!!!
    Create more contests (some with/without VBA) on various senarios using Excel 2003 and 2010, and/or both. Include step-by-step directions for us novice/intermediate/expert users so we can enhance our skills, and be humbled by our inadequacies.

    Keep up the excellent work! This is the premier site I go to to improve my Excel skill set!!

  18. PJ Grenier says:

    How about a discussion on how a workbook can be protected from others copying it and sharing the authors work with others w/o paying for it.

  19. Alan says:

    How about some general syntax explanations?

    For example, why do you sometimes have to put criterion in double quotes - eg. ">5", when other times you don't have to? What are the quotation marks telling excel?

    The same thing for formulas - how do you put together a formula with an AND function nested in it? Some series like that could go a long way in pushing people to the next level of awesomeness!


  20. Nirav says:


    AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME site.... you have my eternal thanks over these past few months in learning Excel to make myself better. I am an extreme beginner but your site has just been nothing short of lifesaving for me.

    I echo others with respect to vLookup & array tutoring for us newbies. I need to learn these items next. Also continue to please post more How-to's on dashboards - which is my stretch goal. Kindly always including sample .xls files whenever possible so we can see/use/learn from is ALWAYS recommended. You do such a great job with those and I love being able to see the end results come "alive" on my screen! This gives me much confidence in going further into Excel knowing that with proper configuration & understanding, anything is possible.

    Finally, your visuals in terms of sample charts and such are second to none in terms of presentation quality. REALLY impressive. Please continue to offer more of these.

    All in all, I OWE YOU, MAN! Next time I am in India, dinner is on me! Anything you want. I am your service. 🙂

    Thank you!

  21. Ray says:

    I have learned a lot about Excel from your emails.

    Sort Function. The sort dialog box grows every time I do a sort on a different range on the same sheet. After 4 or 5 sorts the box spills onto my second monitor. So I just resize the box every few sorts. How can I correct this?

  22. Abhishek says:

    Hi Chandoo

    Your posts are very informative.

    You have really covered some very important articles on Excel which has made lives simpler for a whole lot of people.

    Maybe you can consider use cases of how to apply excel in different industries like Health, Insurance, telecom, etc.

    Thanks for your ever educational & informative posts.



  23. Hi Chandoo,

    I recently published a series of articles on building an AdWords dashboard in Excel, but I would love to see how you would have done it.


    Also, how about using Excel functions/ VBA to interact with various API's (Twitter, Facebook, AdWords, Google Analytics, Clicky, etc.)



  24. David Grossman says:

    Thank you for asking. I'd like to see more about step-by-step recommendations for teaching Excel basics.

  25. Ben says:

    How about using Excel as a budget front end. I have trouble starting a project like this and would like to have a model to adapt.

    The dataset could be another tab or a relational database behind it or an OLAP database.

  26. nagovind says:

    More excel stuff can be extended by exploring the all possible capabilities of Excel integration with MS Access, MS Word, MS Power point etc with powerful VBA code. Simply VBA area has to explored more as it has inherent enhanced capabilities .

  27. Gerald Strever says:

    Hi Chandoo
    Thanks for your great blog - I have learned a lot from them. How about the use of Data Tables?

  28. Daniel Rodríguez says:

    Dear Chandoo,

    I was thinking in some contests that your can issue every week or month, in order that each of us can work on real and funny problems where we can apply some concepts learned here.

    You can categorize them by they difficulty and then you can have some statistics about the "readers" that reply more to each contest, and we earn some badges.

    On the other hand, I'm a baseball fan and this sport has a lot of statistics, almost for every thing. I was thinking in creating a dashboard were you can some some of the statistics and compare them between players.

    What do you think?

  29. Scott says:

    Again, thanks for your informative blog.

    How about how to quickly move around in and fill in equasions in large sheets. For example, filling a formula down 18,000 cells. Also, practice with combining nested IF AND functions, would like to learn more about VBA, more examples with pivot tables, which charts are best for which data sets, surface chart tips, are 35,000 points too much for surface charts or is it a memory issue? I'm familiar with some of the add in features, but not all. Thanks

  30. Tom says:

    One more vote for intro-VBA. I never got into macros b/c I didn't like the idea of not being able to undo something, but I need to bite the bullet and start using them.

  31. Chris says:

    Some fantastic suggestions above (many of which I'd love to see features on) and thank you Chandoo, for your site, dedication and sharing! I can think of so many things I'd like to know more about, but specifically, I regularly hit issues with...

    - Pivot chart automation with VBA.
    - Autofilter manipulation with VBA (arrays that criteria).
    - Outlook to Excel and vice versa (embedding dashboards/scorecards into mails and automating distribution - how to include images in HTML emails). What other API's can we benefit from?
    - Version and language-proofing (I often create tools for folks running earlier versions of Excel, or users around Europe and in the US - they run fine for me but then hit issues with date format compatability, etc).
    - How about Add-Ins? I've always blindly checked the boxes, without understanding what the potential is!

    Whatever you decide, I'll read with interest!!
    All the best...

  32. Rohit1409 says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    The Idea is simple: focus on Excel with PPT.. why?

    - The foremost reason - Corporate World, where all this no.s go, mostly doesnt get a chance to see what OUR great Excel companion did for them since it gets projected preferably via PPT

    - The linkage between the two are again simply AWESOME !!!, and trust me its not just pasting link between the two.. but the technique to get what you want.. SUPERAWESOME !!! 🙂 and best is to getting every reader enriched with that power 🙂

    I have done in past and still doing projects that combine both the skills, and I bet they are helpful, both professionally and personally, a true enhancement I must say ...

    Just let me know If I can be of any help fot this endeavor Chandoo..

    Many Thanks

  33. Dick Lagerweij says:

    Dear Chandoo,
    What might be an interesting and awesome project is how to extract data from ERP for ex. Axapta MS Dynamics through ODBC to Excel and then building a monthly report MTD vs Budget and YTD vs Budget using general ledger, cost centers, etc.
    Final report should be a printable booklet with dashboards and all the work done with one or just a few maintenable macro's.............

    .......Forget it, sorry for waisting your time, I must be daydreaming this can't be done.

  34. Sylvie Vivarais says:

    It would be nice to know how to import a delimited file from quickbooks to excel.

    And make it so once the data is imported, we can automatically turn it into a table and
    have macros (using a shape) that would provide for different types of outputs...

    for example... top 5 product (click this one button)
    top five sales person (click this button)
    yearly revenue chart using interactive chart (click this button)

    One of the biggest things for me is making it so co-workers can just do it themselves and
    they would just need to click a few buttons and get what they want.

    I would just need to set it up and voila!

    If you have some helpful tips I would be grateful.

  35. John says:

    User Forms - small short useful projects eg
    a form that allows you to to open commonly used workbooks
    a form that allows you to show all open workbooks and quickly click radio buttons to close
    a form that shows various print ranges/set ups allowing user to print in one go


  36. cms says:

    OK, this is a little different, but Excel is almost always my first choice for managing data. So, what I'd love to have is a good template or workable idea on how to use Excel for a family tree. Needs basic fields for names, dates, etc. A way to include a thumbnail size photo for each individual. And, show relationships, such as married to, son of, etc.

  37. Maria says:

    Dear Chandoo,
    Could you spend some time on creating very small dynamic charts (i.e. maybe a bullet graph) that could be sent to Executive or Sr. Managers' smartphones? The final distributed chart could be an image email attachment. Data would something like comparing and listing the 3 sub-organizations with the greatest projected labor budget surplus (or deficit) for the year (using LINEST) so funds could be redistributed formally across sub-organizations based on projections. Every week the chart could focus on a different KPI/area.

  38. mikev says:

    Chandoo, I would really like to see how you would approach LOESS modeling in excel.


  39. Hui... says:

    Many thanx for the kind remarks
    There are some great suggestions so far, but please keep them coming:

    Have you read

    I will be doing a post on an Excel Print Form very shortly

    When you say Data Tables, do you mean
    Insert, Table
    Data, What-If Analysis, Data Table

  40. Dhirendra Kumar says:

    I have learned a lot, and am very happy since I joined chandoo, his name was pointy hairy dilbert in 2009. I only want to have VBA lession to be discussed with example. and how to write Macros code

  41. dan l says:


    Dashboards. I'd like to see tutorials on individual dashboard elements. A good chart or some UI technique or something. When I do a presentation layer on something, I'm not taking everything from one of the tutorials. I'm always taking a component here or component there. And most dashboard elements can be done in a quick tutorial too so I could knock it out and learn it over a cup of coffee.

  42. Chris says:

    Another vote for VBA please...

    Would like to see a VBA section with VBA posts catering to medium to advanced users.

    BTW This blog is fantastic. I visit it every week whenever I have some time to brush up on my skills. And I'm subscribed to the posts as well so I never miss a tip.

    Thanks Chandoo!..

  43. I am a long time user of Excel but only probably ever used 10% of its capability. Through evolution I have installed newer versions but continued to use the old commands since while I use it daily, it is a small part of my work effort.
    Recently I needed to read through more than 500 individual workbooks and pull out certain data from different sheets. Using VBA I was able to accomplish this, the programming effort was no problem, the problem was in establishing the correct formats for access to the various sheets.
    I had one consolidation sheet where I accumulated all the data, then 500 workbooks with 5 sheets in each workbook. I knew exactly where to get the data and exactly where I wanted it to go but it was painful working out the names and switching between sheets.

    So, I would like to see a tutorial on using VBA to access data across multiple workbooks (one at a time) with multiple sheets emphasizing the most efficient way to address cells.

    Thanks, GWB

  44. Nataraj says:

    Dear Chandu,

    I am regular reader....( some times i cannot follow, what is said)....Nice and Good blog...I have learnt many excel tricks here....One problem I have is

    1. My column is trade value with currency. The currency would be USD, INR, Euro, and HK$ and so on....I am unable filter by currency....so I have now used one additional column with currency as label to do the filtering. How to do the filter without additional column.

  45. Ajay says:

    HI Chandoo,

    The future posts should have the common excel functions inorder to avoid the confusions and make aware of the usage of formulas in different ways. For example:
    Vertical Lookups can be done in three ways as follows:
    2.Vlookup & Choose function
    3.Match and Index
    Note:The above functions will return the value.

    Please provide the functions in such a way that everyone can analyse a problem in different ways and to approach a problem using different functions for a unique solution.

  46. Lalit says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    I have been following & learning through your posts for the last 1 year. I reas almost every post of yours. My suggestion would be to create 'industry specific' sections in your blog e.g Construction, Finance/banking, aviation etc. It would help reconciling the posts for individuals looking for specific help in their domain.

    Keep up the Excellent works!



  47. Clive says:

    An area i know nothing about and thnk could be useful is the cube formula's, if this means one can use excel as data for a cube? Just a thought, use it, don't use it.

  48. prakash says:

    I have few things which may seem to be out of context with the current discussion.

    As India is growing in terms of population, infrastructure..there are lot of areas where the statistical analysis/data visualisation/dashboards are needed and excel skills can be used.

    ex:- a) Simple dashboards to visually communicate the percentage completion of infrastructure projects like
    a) metro projects ( Bangalore Metro, Hyderabad metro etc ).
    b) Aadhaar ( UID initiative)
    c) NHAI projects

    Sample dashboards can be provided to Govt of India. This will also help the general public in communicating the status of these projects.

    b) As Spirituality is becoming popular , we can have data analysis/visualisation on how these practices ( like yoga,meditation) is helping the society.
    Ex:- Tracking of how many hours of yoga, meditation being done daily, monthly etc and what is the impact to the society?

    I guess NGOs/ Social organisations can help to provide the data.

    c) Dashboards for managing family events/functions, baby growth,nutrition, healthcare etc..

    d) Dashboards for managing the education of child which should help schools

    e) Dashboards for managing the poverty, nutrition etc.

    f) Data integrity:- How do we ensure that whatever data shown is correct or not?

    h) There are pschosomatic tests done to test the behaviour/attitudes. If we have dashboards depicting the analysis of these tests, that would be of help.

    i) Dashboards in the field of healtcare/medicine ..


  49. Abhi says:

    Hello Chandoo and Hui!!!!

    What about a series of posts on descriptive and inferential statistics.
    Also it will be great to see some non parametric statistics which we
    generally think not possible by excel.

    Thanks a lot .

  50. shaun says:

    Hi Chandoo and Hui, Excellent post, I'm sure you are going to have lots of ideas for future posts. Hui Thanks for the present, I am adapting your spreadsheet ... excellent work.

    Personally I would like to see some sort of discussion or collaboration regarding the tools that people are using for their reporting functionality. I am sure most use filters and conditinal formatting, vlookusp etc but things like your info graphic, chart animation are lesser known techniques that i think we would all like to know and use. So if we could share the techniques we use, we would all benefit.

    I would also like to see more info on excel and integration with the web, extracting info from feeds or sites into reports and maybe some uploading with maybe some vb. One of the most practical apps i can think of is a shop owner who wants to update pricing on his online shopfront. He is fluent with excel but not html, asp, php etc. So an upload pricelist file with vb would be great.

    And then mabe a post on integrating excel with other software, most people think of ERP but what about integration with outloo for a mass mailer, word for mail merge documents, powerpoint content, or online graphs or online share tracking would be great.

    Anyway my 5 cents worth. You guys keep up the great work! cheers for now

  51. Lieven Crombez says:

    I would like to see a a follow up report combined with interactive chart

    e.g. I have to follow up dimensions of gauges on yearly basis and would like to see how they
    evolve in time and how the values are according the tolerances

  52. H.G. Lamy says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    I would like to see a more widespread use of Excel dealing with future events, or future consequences of today's actions (instead of merely analysing the past). Even a fashionable 'dashboard' normally just shows what has happened already. Maybe that concept could be enhanced towards a real-life 'cockpit', where one may in fact 'steer' a business ahead. Computer i.e. games do put the user in 'command' of activities, whereas most 'analytical' spreadsheets just look back.

    Best regards,


  53. Pablo says:

    Keep up the good work.
    I would suggest more of both sides:
    1) Excel and VBA techniques, formulas, etc
    2) Real world applications examples. I am in the Finance / Accounting side, so that's more relevant for me, but I know that Excel applications are broader than that.

  54. Kishore says:

    Hai Chandoo,
    The way your blog is reaching out to the reader/genral public and helping themo out in sorting out many issues is very commendable and I appreciate your interest in this and please do keep up the good work.
    I would like to see more projects on work relating to educational institutions, universities etc. viz., Setting a Question paper from a question bank consisting essays, short essays,short notes etc from different specaility using random function.

  55. Chris says:

    I would like to see more posts about spreadsheet design tips. I think a lot of people get so caught up in the learning of formulas and such that they forget the most important part of data presentation, the design. I see so many spreadsheets with good information in them that are incomprehensible to a viewer because of layout, design and colors.

    I would also like to see more posts about spreadsheet optimization. Readers of this blog will be comfortable w/ sumproduct vs sumifs etc.. What they may not know is which one is better from a processing standpoint.

  56. Prasad says:

    I know that my ideas are bit tricky..but still i believe doable....
    i) Exploring Web Versions of Excel and playing with that - Cloud Excel
    ii)How about preparing Excel Dashboards(Dynamic) that are compatible with hand held gadgets(like Ipad, Mob Phones,Smart Phone etc) - useful for Top End Management people and i feel all together a different business segment will open for you.

  57. Jim says:

    What would be helpful to me would be able to go back to a menu that would list your past postings. We may be working on a project that some of your tips would be timesaving. Thanks for your posts, I am constantly learning more about Excel due to your articles.

  58. Sathya Narayana says:

    How about introducing more VBA stuffs.

    Bringing together all the MS Applications via Excel VBA.

  59. Torben Svensson says:

    Good FlowChart examples.
    Chandoo, you have some excellent examples on Dashboards or Project Management. However, some of the activities reflected in those reports are part of a larger process, which should be defined as well. Often times Flow Charts are applied.
    I like to learn some good techniques on how to reflect basic flowcharts in Excel

  60. Matt Decuir says:

    I'd be interested in discussions centered around why Microsoft Excel is universal business language, especially compared to the growing list of web based analysis tools out there.

  61. Adam Barnard says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    What I have found most useful have been fully completed dashboards with step by step instructions on how to create them myself. These have given me inspiration to take ideas away and incorporate them into my own work. The cricket world cup dashboard and 'countdown to VBA course' interactive map are two recent examples...

  62. Nacera says:

    Thanks Chandoo you are the best.
    I like to learn more about Excel and Access integration as well as SQL. A heavy example on how to use access and SQL.

  63. Joaquin says:

    Hello Chandoo,
    Just a couple o f ideas
    1) How to represent graphs with lots of data? something like http://goo.gl/x6qnM
    2) Advance use of google spreadsheet (how to connect with SQL DB, pivot tables,.....)

    Kindest regards

  64. Prasad says:

    After seeing so many ideas pouring in, it is good time to expand your team to fulfill all audience wishlist. You can consider me on a freelancer basis for ur team ;-)..this idea is in addition to my previous idea #56

  65. Oliver Montero says:

    Named Formulas. Want to learn more about them.

  66. rio seto says:

    Hai Chandoo,

    I believe you agree with me many students in for higher education/university may attend your "Math-Made-Easy Using Excel", from simple/basic, medium, to advanced maths using Excel (including Stats & Probability, of course) with lots of example in real life.

  67. Claes Bengtsson says:

    I really wan't to see some discussions, ideas and best practise in doing data entry via excel, update a database over the www and receive data back from the database, via www, and present the data in Excel. As an example: A financial forecast model from different companies in different countries.


  68. Stephen says:

    I have a couple of ideas:
    a- how to mimic the google array functions: sort, filter, unique, etc
    b- real life examples on how to put Excel charts/dashboards into presentations: Not simply cut and paste, but the rights and wrongs of displaying information. This follows on from your thread on the golden triangle. Maybe another would be how to put animation into charts used in a presentation.
    c- Cload computing - working and sharing spreadsheets/outputs on the web. For example, I support a local charity. I want to generate a form for them to complete, but they cannot access my work's intranet. How can I provide this service on-line?

    otherwise, just keep doing what you are doing.... its awesome.

  69. Shadow Jam says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    Since you have done some great work on dashboards, what about some work on personalising it for the individuals monitor. I personally send dashboards to several big managers, but they all have different monitors and resolution, which means what looks great to one person looks small and squashed on another, or else the dashboard is too wide for some screens, which involves having to scroll. I do this with several versions of a dashboard, and either return the screen resolution, or make use of the environ username.

    I would love to see a post on this, and how you tackle this problem.


  70. R. Murugesan says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    Without exaggeration you are doing a great job at making us awesome!

    Can we have stuff on
    1. managing the excel files of individual employees at the server level.
    2. managing different versions of say, our budget excel work book
    3. more on budgeting

  71. Stephen says:

    I would like to add
    d - what Shadow Jam said.

  72. Amit says:

    I hope you to show how to create simple Dashboard in Excel, with step-by-step Tutorial.
    Beacuse I think it is very interesting subject, and You should present it with simple examples, and then grow with tough and complex Dashboard day by day.
    I found your Web Portal through serach, and it is very interesting.
    But still would like to learn how to create with simple Dashboard example.
    You Portal is the best in this subject, and no other Portal presents this kind of subject, so I hope to see this kind of Tutorials in Your Portal.
    The other thing I'm impressed is how you present Form Controls, in Excel Workbook...with charts and other objects, and all your readers use those ideas in Dashboard construction.

    Many...many Congrats to see this excellent kind of Portal in the Web. Keep it up.


  73. [...] weeks ago we asked you what you wanted to see at Chandoo.org and you [...]

  74. Francis Kelly says:

    I love your daily posts and found them useful to access late in the Chandoo email archive that I keep.

    I vote for Flowcharts, Data Entry best practice, Excel Add ins, Office Integration.

  75. Rajasekhar says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    Its great that you have kept a forum for getting ideas of everyone and I am happy to be a part of it. I have an idea as given below.

    1. In a excel sheet having with large volume of data, few of the key strings(more than one key string) should be highlighted or formatted in a different color or background should be changed. The strings are provided.

    For example: Strings Need to be searched: "Raj", "Sekhar", "Chandoo", "Gulapala"
    The above strings should be searched in a spreadsheet(I don't know the number of sheets available or no of row present or no of columns present. I only have the filename and path to the filename). Meaning that the data might may change frequently and I need to use the same macro without any code change(except the filename and path). and highlight the key strings.

  76. Luis Eduardo says:

    Cordial greetings. In these times of high-speed technology development, is being viewed with favor the application of Google Drive, with spreadsheet applications and developing programming commands. It would be possible to open discussions about programming shared google documents drive?

  77. Shree says:

    Hi Chandoo,
    Thank you very much for your outstanding efforts to bring awareness about awesome features of excel. All the posts are very educative and well explained. I have used some of the ideas from Interactive charts, Dynamic charts, Analytical charts which is really commendable efforts showing step by step process. I like the title 'Analytical what?', as beginner in analytics. Just wondering if you have any post showing more than 2 variables in single chart.

  78. Mohammad Masood says:

    Advance VBA and Dashboards

  79. N R K Marimuthu says:

    1.Which one is preferable for working in excel either key board or mouse?
    2.Industry specific examples to be given as sample with maximum use of excel tools e.g profit and loss account and balance sheet current year actual as well as projections for future periods based on certain constraints.
    N R K Marimuthu

  80. TF Starnault says:

    I would be interested in information about creating macros, structure for "IF" statements and how to use pivot tables. Thank you!

  81. biranchi jena says:

    Thanx for all formulas

  82. Othmar says:

    I would be interested in using Excel for data collection. I have seen once a solution with (unfortunately) VBA - but a solution without VBA would be prefered. (e.g. having a Excelsheet that works for data entry that is then written to another sheet or perhaps Database.)

  83. Ashkan says:

    by sending the best wishes to you and your colleagues.
    I would like receive about formulating in excell and access but visually or movie.

  84. Deepak says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    Is it possible to create a pie chart within a bubble chart. Each of the bubble to be broken up in different colours.

    I need this to show the sales, margin in the bubble & within that sales for 2-3 different sales teams

    Regds ... Deepak Kamath

  85. Puneet says:

    I want that there should be chapters on each of the topic in Excel. So anyone who is new to the excel can go through the chapters and be an expert.

    The content of chapters should be in simple english with examples and some practice exercies. There should be some food for thought every week.

    I am using this site quite some time and it helped me to improve my excel skills a lot.

    Thanks and keep the good work continued.

  86. Azzam says:

    it would be nice to have a chat room so if an excel problem come so we can solve it together

  87. Dnyaneshwar says:

    Does anyone know how to lock down a sheet on a spreadsheet after a certain date has passed.

    For example, after the 28th of september lock down sheet 1, after the 15th October lock down sheet 2, etc.

    Any ideas, help appreciated.

  88. James says:

    I would be very interested in a step-by-step tutorial on how to create Excel dashboards or how I can customize and rework dashboard templates. I think this is a fascinating aspect of Excel but I don't know much about it.

    For VBA basics on Excel, as I see much of the other readers are requesting this, I've stumbled onto http://www.vbaexceltutorial.com/beginner-course/ via stumbpleupon and it has a great beginner's course. Very easy to understand. You guys should check it out.

    Love what you are doing here Chandoo. Thanks for everything.

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