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The ultimate management book series

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Ok folks!, sit tight. I am going to reveal my plans about the upcoming series of management books authored by none other than yours truly.

On a more serious note, i am fed up trying to feed myself with good south Indian food in this hinterland. I am trying with out any success for the last five months and finally i have decided to write books describing my plaight. Here is a small blurb!

1) The cook who sold his katori: A magnificent account of how a misplaced south Indian cook in the hindi hinterland found the energy to chase his dreams and fullfil his passions. A must read for everyone with a tongue and belly.

2) Fish Stinks!: The story of how Kolkata and other costal cities in the upward parts of India can be harmful to a southward soul. An instant reference for locating the watering holes and other holes in the cities where south becomes madhya pradesh or maharashtra.

3) Who moved my chutney?: Manhandled by a feline monster, an young typist named chandoo finds himself in a torture camp located on a hill called hanuman tekri which is surrounded by barb wire and grass. Struggling with a sea of changes from food to bed, how did the hero managed to survive the place. A mega thriller.

4) What they dont feed you at khar-road bhel centers?: A smiple and streetsmart answer to the ever confounded question by all the southies located anywhere other than south. How to escape the bhel and misal and live life fully? Find answers to all the questions raised by your heart and the parts below it in one book.

5) Straight from gut!: A top notch dalal street banker and an ultra-smart marketing manager meet at a food joint near matunga. The meet leads to a flurry of gastric adventures that shook the westren India by a flood of sambar and chutney. Read it to find the misterious yet successful ways to restore your energy levels and fulfil your passions.

I need all my readers support in executing this project. Please click generously on the ads or ping me if you want to send money. 😀


PS: Inspired by a sidin’s post.


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