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Eat Out!

Published on Jun 3, 2005 in Random

My romance with the wonderful city called mumbai is coming to an end in another few hours. I will be packing my bags and leaving to VT by 8:30 tonight. It actually has been one hell of a vacation with loads of new friends and new experiences. But if there is one theme that remained […]

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A beer that costed too much

Published on May 25, 2005 in Random

Since my sojourn in mumbai is coming to an end, I wanted to explore as much as possible before leaving this place. As a part of this urge to guzzle and glut, we (dock, karthik, loyya, myself) wanted to checkout sundance bar & restaurant which has an offer on some beer (a pint free with […]

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A nights tale

Published on Apr 27, 2005 in Random

Last night was a perfect mumbaite night. I had a hectic day at office. Me went to meet some doctors in sion. My appetite for travel in locals died for the day after changing trains to reach that place. When i went back to my room all i wanted to do was to lie down […]

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Chowpatti beach

Published on Apr 14, 2005 in Random

Of all things i frequent in this coastal city, chowpatti scores a notch above everyone else. For one the beach is near by and spacious. After getting used to the ultra-space-conservative bombaite apartments, hostels, loos, offices, hotels and dresses of babes at the end of the day a beach with lots of space between me […]

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My Hindi Sucks

Published on Feb 27, 2005 in Random

Travails of being a southie doesn’t start with a long name or end with an engineering degree. Till I came here my only worry is my long and historical sounding name. Ok, Lets talk about the name first. My name is (provided you dont disclose this valuable information to others), Duggirala Raja Raja Surya Chandra […]

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Published on Feb 18, 2005 in Random

i have been busy for the last 2-3 days. How can i sit in my room and blog when the best time of the year is here. yeah, you guessed it right. PGP2 had their final placements. This year the placements have been superb with ppl recieving multiple offers with crazy compensations. will post more […]

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Escape to Reality – Part II

Published on Dec 4, 2004 in Random

Read Part I here. After visiting the mosque we visited the RAM MANDIR. The mandir as such has got no historical significance. But the strange architecture of the houses around and inside the mandir caught my eye. the houses were very old. Most of them just looked like my grandmothers earlier house. the window panes, […]

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Amazing reality of marketing surveys

Published on Nov 14, 2004 in Random

Today we had Marketing Research (MR) as discussion topic in marketing class. After a couple of presentations and Q&A sessions the prof raised the question (in fact he did raise more than one question.) “When is the appropriate time to do MR?”despite the fact that this question was raised at 1:15 pm when half the […]

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Cold calls and Other insights

Published on Aug 1, 2004 in Random

Today for the first time in iim career i got the cold call. Today we had 4 sessions. The first one was Written Communication. I went to the class in a hurry and i remembered some 20-30% of the case analysis we had done on sunday. I thought of taking a printout of the analysis […]

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