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Purnography in Seoul

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As planned earlier, Saturday was busy to the end. After a good and loooooong sleep, we (few other TCSers and myself) went to Yangson area in Seoul where one of the biggest electronic malls is located.

It was extremely cold today. I think it was -2 degrees or something when we came out of the station. The good thing with Seoul is that most of the indoors (that includes cabs, metros, buses, even small convenient stores) are air conditioned. The bad thing is once you step out doors the chill can be painful. Add to that, if its windy your exposed body parts become numb in no time.

So, when we stepped out of the station, the instant reaction for all of us was to look for a covered area. Despite full sleeved thick jacket, gloves, shoes, winter cap I could feel my ears paining.

Well, apart from the chill, the shopping at digital mart (or emart or emarket as the locals call it) is cool. Its a huge 7 storied mall with each floor focusing on certain variety of electronic goods. A floor full of gaming consoles, another full of digital cameras and like that. I bought a memory stick and a tripod. Since this is one of my several visits to that place I haven’t really done much shopping.

Anyways, some of the snaps I took at emart

View from Yangson station in Seoul.
Digital Mart, one side view View from Digital Mart... Yongsan - Seoul Skyline

I saw this at Yangson station. KoRail (similar to Indian Railways) set it up.
Yangson station - KoRail decoration

Digital Mart entrance in the evening.
Digital Mart, entrance

Most of the places in Seoul are beautifully decorated with Chirstmas lights. I took some blurred pics of them.
Christmas lights at electronics mart at Seoul - blurred on purpose Christmas lights at electronics mart at Seoul - blurred on purpose

Later we went to Iteawon area where we can get foreign food groceries. I felt like a kid let loose in a candy store when I saw Haldiram mixture packets there. You get almost everything there. Sadly they are a little expensive. After having a coffee at Starbucks and finding it incredibly expensive we returned to the apartment.

Finally the day ended with a good Sambhar meal and a streaming telugu movie from internet.


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