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PHD’s Regular Blah #5

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“Gyeon-Woo ,
Gyeon-Woo , I am sorry Gyeon-Woo
Gyeon-Woo , I am sorry Gyeon-Woo

I thought I am a different girl
But, I am just hopeless
Gyeon-Woo , I am sorry Gyeon-Woo “

When was the last time a movie touched you so much? When was the last time you saw an artistic performance and the same message kept coming back to you even after 2 days. When was the last time a story changed your opinion about people and the world?

My sassy girl [wikipedia] is rated as one of the best Korean movies ever made. That is all I knew when I started to watch the movie on last Saturday. It’s a love story of Gyeon-Woo and his girl. More than a love story, it’s a romantic comedy combined with melodrama.

But the story is told really well, so much so that I started feeling for the characters barely an hour in to the movie. They are so near to life and compelling. The plot is pretty much like any other love story, 2 people meet, like each other, romance develops, comedy erupts and then finally the melodrama. But the way it is told is just too good. Gyeon-Woo narrates the story. Yet true to the movie name, all you hear and feel is about THE GIRL, her pain, her love and her doubts. Towards the end she couldn’t decide what to do, and says the above lines with a tear in her eyes. The mere thought of the movie is bringing smile and love to my mood.

The movie is available on the net with English titles hard subbed somewhere, but if you are a true movie lover buy a copy of this one. You wouldn’t regret it.

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