3 Cheers to IIM Indore

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My alma mater has created another “world record in IIM Indore” with the summer placements for the class of 2008. Even though the press release is not out yet, we, alumni got a sneak peek at the report and all I can say its a massive hit. [Will place a link here once its released.]

For one, I know summers is a grand and often meaningless exercise in inducting half baked MBAs into the corporate world. But the pain it causes for some of the unlucky ones is huge. Since summer internships last for only 8 weeks, finding enough corporates to place the entire batch in the placement week is a mega challenge even for well established B-schools like IIMA, B, C and XLRI. Think about the newer schools like IIMI , IIML and IIMK. I have friends across the B-schools, who had gone through the pains of attending GD after GD, Interview after interview trying prove that they are worthy for an 8 week existence in the concerned company. And believe me, the pain of having to attend GDs / Interview / PPTs even after your entire wing got internship is massive. Sometimes, the summer placement process would roll into Late December and early January. Not to mention the impact of this circus on Term 2 & 3 grades.

In such a situation, I am really glad to know that IIM Indore has finished their summers for the batch of 2006-08 in the placement week itself. Considering the fact that the batch size is now 180, its a really big achievement. I hope the school will continue to rock like ever. Congrats folks.

PS: My views on the worthiness of Summers are totally mine not of any Institution I am(was/will) (be) associated with. Simle 🙂


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