What is the last visible cell in your excel window? [Poll]

Posted on October 29th, 2010 in Learn Excel - 329 comments

This is a fun and quick poll.

I want to know what is the maximum number of cells you can see when you open Excel. Do this:

  1. Open Excel, Maximize the window if it is not.
  2. Just tell me the bottom right cell that you can see completely.
  3. Go have a good weekend 🙂

PS: Make sure you set the zoom to 100%.

What is the Address of Last Visible Cell in your Excel window?

I will go first. I have 2 monitors.

On the large 24″ monitor, I see cell AC40 and on the 16″ laptop monitor I see S26.

What about you?

Just post the cell address in comments.

Check out previous polls.

PS: I am planning to use the poll data to make a visualization on how many cells you can see.  So please respond.

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329 Responses to “What is the last visible cell in your excel window? [Poll]”

  1. TessaES says:

    U39 (laptop screen)

  2. rajatha says:

    S25 (Laptop Screen)

  3. Philip says:

    S48, or O63 depending on my VDU. (desktop)

  4. MrCichy says:

    S49 (and part of T50) on my monitor at work and most of V44 on my laptop monitor (also at work).

  5. Vinay says:

    S26. 14" Lenovo Laptop

  6. Niefer says:

    Screen resolution 1280x1024.

  7. Worm says:

    S45 on my normal monitor at work.
    AM47 if I expand it across both monitors.

  8. VaraK says:

    I use Excel 2007. Without minimizing the ribbon I see Z40 and after minimizing the ribbon I see Z44. Desktop - 22" wide screen.

  9. Subhash says:

    S30 with the Ribbon minimized


  10. jeff weir says:

    D6, but I guess I should change my zoom setting down from 400. Wait, that's better...at a zoom of 10% I can see much much much much much more: FJ262.I hope this visualization of yours is going to have a log scale, Chandoo.

    Otherwise, put me down for 025, or O30 if I minimize the ribbon.

  11. Squiggler says:

    X42 on my 17.3" laptop screen, X51 on my external monitor 20" both widescreen

  12. Squiggler says:

    and on my wifes laptop

    S27 15.4" laptop

  13. Hui... says:

    Work AC55
    Home AC53

  14. Rajanas says:

    AG59 (23" widescreen)

  15. 5euros says:

    S51 - desktop; Excel 2003

  16. Charley says:

    Working with Excel 2007
    Y39 on 22" LG Monitor at work.
    Y44 with Ribbon minimized.

  17. sig.frollo says:

    Q45, but
    to make a comparison everyone should have the same dimensions for the cells. It's ok to take the new sheet, but with the same Font. I have Verdana 11

  18. Adam W says:

    AC 43 on a widescreen desktop. AC 47 with ribbon mimised. Standard row height and default Calibri 11pt

  19. César says:

    Microsoft Office Excel 2003 (11.8302.8221) SP3
    17" Monitor
    1024 x 768 Resolution


  20. AK says:

    S27 with ribbon and S32 with ribbon minimised on LENOVO laptop.

    Curious to see the visualisation with such a diverse range of data.

  21. George says:

    S32 (on laptop) - my font is by default Calibri 10

  22. teylyn says:

    On laptop with 1280 x 800 px resolution
    xl 2010: Q25
    xl 2003: Q32

    gotta check back at work for secondary 22" monitor. will be significantly different.

  23. teylyn says:

    oh, and with ribbon minimised and formula bar reduced to 1 row (which I don't like in xl 2010: I have the formula bar to at least 3 rows so I can do long formulas and actually see them when the cell is selected -- so, anyway, without the fluff:)


    cheers, teylyn

  24. Vishal says:

    U30 (Excel 2007) for 1440*900 resolution on 15" monitor

  25. Matt says:

    S43 on laptop running on an old Elonex monitor at work.

  26. andrew says:


    Excel 2007, Ribbon maximised, one row formula bar.
    Monitor is 1920*1080.

  27. Oscar says:

    I see cell AC40.

    How to change default zoom in excel (quick tip)

    1. Open a new workbook .
    2. Change zoom
    3. File>Save As a template file (xlt, xltx or xltm) in your XLSTART folder

    Excel 2007 Template (xltx)
    Excel 2007 Macro-Enabled Template (xltm)
    Excel 97-2003 Template (xlt)

  28. Sergio Aguero says:

    S27 on my laptop screen, V33 on external monitor

  29. Lubo says:

    U32 (laptop screen)

  30. Stef@n says:

    i see O47
    Excel 2003
    19'' TFT

  31. Bill says:

    V34 using my default Office 2007 formatting.

  32. Sebastien says:

    With the ribbon on and one row on the formula bar
    With Arial 8 font (changes the number of rows)

  33. Oli says:

    At work (Excel 2007):

    Ribbon Maximized Q29
    Ribbon Minimized Q33

  34. Yard says:

    19" monitor, Ribbon maximized, formula bar x 3 rows and QAT below Ribbon

  35. cath says:

    S25 - laptop screen

  36. Luke M says:

    Somewhat impressive when you think about it...that's 836 different cells to work with!

  37. John N says:

    V32 - laptop connected to monitor, 2007

  38. makuris says:

    S 28 (Laptop)

  39. John says:


    19 inch with the ribbon minimized.

  40. edward says:

    M24, 1024 x 768, excel 03

  41. Jeromy says:

    S41 on one screen.

    S32 on the other.

  42. Steve says:

    Excel 2007 - laptop S27 and monitor U32

  43. Patricia says:

    O 25
    Looks like I need a bigger monitor based on the monitor size others are showing!

  44. Josh says:

    S 38, Is there a way to change that?

  45. garyk says:

    28" lcd @ 1920x1200
    ac63 in 2003
    ac48 in 2010 w ribbon
    ac53 in 2010 w/o ribbon

  46. V S VENKATRAMAN says:

    Q29 on DELL 16"TFT - Excel 2007

  47. Jon Peltier says:

    Laptop, XL 2003: U41
    Laptop, XL 2007: U39

  48. AlexJ says:

    v49 - laptop with desk monitor

  49. TheQ47 says:

    X37 on 17" Laptop Screen

  50. S Goyal says:

    AC48 in Excel 2007 w ribbon
    I think the video resolution determines the cell. Like garyk, I also have a 1920x1200 monitor.

  51. dan l says:

    U25 on my lappy if I'm running (yuck) windowz in 07.
    W30 when I'm running 07 in WINE.

  52. sixseven says:

    S37, I usually have the formula area expanded. If it's not expanded, S38.

  53. OmarF says:

    S40 on my 4/3 17" screen.
    Y38 on the 16/9 21" screen. these are with 2007 and normal ribbon.

  54. ruve1k says:

    Cell: O31
    Excel 2003
    19" Monitor 4:3 Aspect Ratio
    Resolution: 1024 X 768

  55. Daniel Ferry says:

    Excel 2007
    30 inch Apple Cinema Display (connected to a PC)
    2560 x 1600

  56. Gregory says:

    Dell Desktop, 21" widescreen monitor 1920 x 1080 resolution:
    Excel 2010 AB43, ribbon minimized AB47 (2nd monitor)
    Excel 2007 AC40, ribbon minimized AC45 (1st monitor)
    Excel 2003 AC52

    15" MacBook Pro:
    Excel 2011 U38, ribbon minimized U43
    Excel 2008 R46

  57. Venus says:

    V39 on a 22" widescreen monitor @ 1680x1050 resolution, ribbon minimized

  58. ChrisU says:

    T25, on 13" laptop, Excel 2010

  59. Michael Pennington says:

    Maximized @ 100% on two 19" monitors; AM39
    Effective Resolution of 2560 X 2048

  60. Gary says:

    AS41 on 2 monitors effective size 1024 x 2960

  61. Squiggler says:

    A few quick measurements on my windows 7 machine with excel 2010

    Left = 26 pixels
    Right = 16 pixels
    Minimised ribon = 94
    Normal Ribon = 184

    bottom status bar = 37
    Windows 7 Task Bar = 41

    Should enable interpolation on similar systems

  62. Rwth says:

    S48 & P48 (2 screens)

  63. Will says:

    At work (last full cell):
    Main monitor: Y39
    Secondary monitor: S39
    Expanded across both: AS39

  64. Alex Kerin says:


    Hope all is going well Chandoo..

  65. Tim says:

    O27 at work. Using a 19" monitor and Excel 2003

  66. Oliver Montero says:

    (RES 1440*900 with a 17" Widescreen Monitor)

  67. Kelly Vielmo says:


  68. propeller says:


  69. Monique says:

    Have a great weekend !

  70. Jon says:

    Q45 Mac / numbers

  71. carlos s says:

    S46 (Office PC)

  72. Walter says:

    S47 17" screen

  73. Alex says:

    V32 - HP LA1905

  74. ChiknNutz says:

    Cell U44 with zoom level at 100%, I can partially see V45.

  75. Juan Velez says:

    O51 on Excel 2007 with the CRT set up in portrait mode.

  76. Nagaraju Puppala says:


  77. Manyam says:

    T35 on my Laptop

  78. James Campbell says:


  79. JX says:

    22inch monitor. Excel 2003. See half of Z48

  80. David Onder says:

    Y38 (external screen - 21")
    U33 (laptop screen)

  81. Donna says:

    17 in monitor, Excel 2003 - O27

  82. Liane says:

    T32 on my work computer, using Excel 2003.

  83. Richard L says:

    Z51 at a default of Arial 11 point font. (Changing the either the font or the font size changes the number of visible rows.)

  84. George says:

    AC39 - HP L1908wm / Zoom @ 75%

  85. Jayesh says:

    S27 on my laptop
    S40 on my Desktop

  86. Ian says:

    I can see V30 on 19 Viewsonic display...... have a good weekend!

  87. Becky says:

    S44 (monitor) and S35 (laptop)

  88. Mark says:

    S36 on a 19" Dell with default cell sizes

  89. Bob Gannon says:


  90. adnan says:

    20.1'' Desktop Screen: AQ74

  91. Dan says:


    Excel 2007
    1680X1050 resolution
    21" monitor

  92. Al Hoefer says:

    U46 MacBookPro - 11" width, 13" diagonal

  93. adnan says:

    it wasn't 100% It was 60%

    now it is 100%
    it is Y44


  94. Victor Andrade says:

    Z40 22 inches display resolution 1680*1050

  95. Ian Humphreys says:

    O31, but that's with a lot of toolbars open. Excel 2003

  96. Venkat Chavakula says:

    I have 2 laptops: 1.) 17" T31 2.) 15" T25 - on 100%.

  97. Steve @ Jet Reports says:

    S27 on my laptop.
    Y41 on my widescreen monitor.

    Love your work Chandoo. You are awesome.

  98. RickF says:

    AC41 @ 100% Zoom

  99. Tanya says:

    Excel 2003, IBM T43 laptop

  100. michael bells says:

    o26 (laptop)

  101. JCL says:

    Y38 (desktop at work)

  102. Bob Z says:


  103. Amol Pandey says:

    L45 : 19 inch monitor

  104. Paul says:

    AC57 (24" screen) with zoom level at 100%

  105. Kavitha says:

    Embarrassing 15 inch monitor O26.

  106. Fritz Wieser says:

    BK99 (laptop), but rather difficult to read ....

  107. Randy Kendrick says:


  108. Barry says:

    S48, XL2003, 1280 x 1024

  109. Armando Jr. says:

    I see AL 73
    Excel 2007

  110. In Excel 2007, S37, but S41 if I minimize or hide the Ribbon, and S42 if I minimize the Ribbon AND my Quick Access Toolbar. ~mp

  111. Jay Gould says:


  112. garyk says:

    well, if you want to include spanning, across my 3 monitors i see ck61.

  113. Andy says:

    S35 on a 19" Monitor.

  114. jen besser says:

    S48 on single monitor, AM47 stretched across dual monitors
    That's Excel 2003, on 2 17" monitors, both with screen res at 1280x1024

  115. priyanka says:

    T25 on a HP probook 4410s laptop

  116. John Pomfret says:

    N27 on my laptop running Excel 2010
    Q42 on my trusty 19" CRT on the PC running Excel 2000

  117. Steve Sexton says:

    AC51 (22" Work)

  118. U35

    I'm using

    Excel 2003
    Widescreen Laptop

  119. Craig says:

    S45 on my 19" Gateway and V40 on my 19" Lenovo widescreen.

  120. Nelson says:

    T25 (Excel 2007) Laptop

  121. Steve K says:

    T38 with laptop in docking station 22" monitor

  122. nacho says:

    U46 on 1280x1024 resolution

  123. Tyronne says:

    AR 60

  124. Nick says:

    ouch L25, excel 2007, waiting to hear some tips about how te see more.

  125. Patrick says:

    S38 (laptop)

  126. OldShaw says:

    Resolution 1600x1200 on Viewsonic 2130b

  127. Rick says:

    S28 15.6 laptop

  128. Panos says:

    15,4" Lenovo Notebook
    Excel 2010 beta w/o ribbons

  129. Mark says:

    S60 - 20 inch IMAC

  130. Dave says:

    BR80 - Excel 2010

    2 x 30" Apple Cinema Display 5120 x 1600 (WinTel)

  131. Rajesh Sharma says:


  132. Jim Wren says:


  133. Alan says:

    S27 Laptop

  134. kJo says:

    different cells with different font size:

    Ariel 8 --> O41
    Ariel 10--> O36
    Ariel 12--> 031

    This is Dell laptop "inspiron 640m"

  135. Joe says:

    two screens S38 on one, S39 on the other...

  136. Daniel says:

    On my work laptop screen: S27 (1280x800)
    On my second monitor: X49 (1600x1200)

    Note that there is no taskbar on the secondary screen (probably a row's worth), and if you minimize the ribbon you can gain another 4 rows. I'd have to check the screens I have at home.

  137. shree says:

    A 113 comments for this post!
    Way to go dude - way to go!
    Congrats! you have them eating from your hands.

  138. Finnur says:

    V54, home computer screen. However, I made my default font calibri in size 8, to increase visible cells.

  139. salvis toscano says:


  140. Mara says:

    U33 - laptop

  141. Joe Carsto says:

    S37 Normally (19" 4:3 LCD)
    S44 Taskbar and Ribbon minimized

  142. Sid Guevara says:

    Curiously, P28

  143. CJ says:

    S37 - Work computer.

  144. Ruth says:

    M46 using Office 7

  145. Bryan says:

    V32 desktop.

  146. Vasant says:

    S24 - Laptop

  147. John says:

    AC64...HP 25.5" Arial 8

  148. Alex says:

    laptop: S27
    monitor: S36

  149. Glen says:

    AC40 27" 1920x1080 res

  150. Lynda says:

    AD55, 25/5" 1920x1200 res, my default zoom is 85%

  151. Naga says:

    🙂 seems a busy post..
    with ribbon minimized on Excel 2007

  152. Hardeep kanwar says:

    i have opened 2 Workbook

    In first i got O46

    In Second i got K34

  153. jipirouge says:

    L25 netbook

  154. toby says:

    Have 2 22" screens

  155. Pritam says:

    S34 - Toshiba La[top

  156. Raghavaiah says:


  157. Michael says:

    N31 . . . but I use a default column width of 12.

  158. James Allen says:

    A1. 🙂 Just kidding. X34. I have a 1600x900 17" monitor on my laptop. Screen res is set to max.

  159. Satish Annigeri says:

    S27 on a 13.3" screen at 1280x800 resolution

  160. joss says:

    s26 laptop

  161. Tony says:

    AC41 --- 24" monitor and using excel 2007

  162. Juha says:

    S31, Lenovo X201 laptop screen, Excel 2010

  163. Dinesh says:

    T24 Acer 16"

  164. Iz says:

    P19 - laptop

  165. neil says:

    025,on a 12' Dell Laptop

  166. Diederik says:

    V41 om dell D620 work laptop, Excel 2003, 1440 x 900 res

  167. Mynda says:

    S39, but with Excel across my dual monitors I can see AM39.

  168. Chandoo says:

    Wow... this is the biggest thread ever and the responses are still coming. Thank you 🙂

  169. Chris says:

    dell u 2410 (x2)
    if i use both monitors it would be ba63....
    (ba69 without ribbon)

    do i win sth now?

  170. Steve says:

    S38 at home using Excel 2007.

    Will check work PC (Excel 2003) on Monday.

  171. Jdogzilla says:

    S26 on HP 6530s laptop
    Good luck tabulating all the data!

  172. Jon Dickinson says:

    with / without Ribbon. XL 2007, default resolution, Calibri 11pt.
    W40 / W44 Desktop screen 1, 1680 X 1050 eizo S2110W
    R84 / R89 Desktop screen 2 1920 X 1200 HP L2475W Portrait mode (my default for this screen)
    AC49/ AC53 Desktop screen 2 1920 X 1200 HP L2475W in Landscape mode
    W49 / W54 Dell Vostro 1700 laptop 1920 X 1200

  173. N Shivkumar says:


  174. Richard Kinzer says:

    W30 I'm using a Vaio laptop, about a 17" HD monitor. Chandoo, what an interesting clever Poll.

  175. Walt76 says:

    S38 17"Monitor

  176. Alex says:

    t40, 16'' Monitor

  177. Joco1114 says:

    Samsung 22" (1680x1050): Y42
    Projector (1920x1080): AC45 (AC46 is fully visible but not the bottom border)

  178. mike@tahoe says:

    doesn't column width and row height of excel file open make a big difference in survey results....if all had columns width at 10 and row height of 15, then results would be more relevant

  179. Alpha says:

    S40 19" monitor

  180. Bob says:

    O25 with Excel 2007 on IBM X41 laptop

  181. Cancoman says:

    23" Widescreen
    2048 X 1152
    100% zoom
    Ribbon visible
    QAT below ribbon
    status bar and formula bar visible
    Windows taskbar hidden

  182. Karl says:

    V32 on a HP 19" monitor

  183. Bob says:

    AL80 or AL85 (with or without ribbon) - Excel 2011 on a 27" iMac. Font is the standard Calibri 12, zoom at 100%.
    AM90 if I choose Full Screen Mode.

  184. Hui... says:

    The screen cell size depends on the Pixel size of the screen and the default Font and Font Size
    Using the Standard Calibri 10 Font of Excel 2010 at 100% I get AC53
    At Arial 6 point 100% Zoom I get AM90

  185. Jörg says:

    W43 with default settings in Office 2010, 23 inch full HD monitor

  186. gerdami says:

    Q39, 17", 1152x864 px

  187. Mikeybhaba says:

    U31, 11.6", 1366 x 768, Excel 2003

  188. Nigel says:

    R26, 1280 x 800

  189. Tomek says:

    Excel 2003: S33
    Excel 2007: S32
    Both have same default settings - font: Arial 10; column: 8.43; row:12.75
    laptop: Dell D630

  190. Dale B. Swinford says:

    AC47, 1920 x 1280, Excel 2007

  191. AusSteelMan says:

    Work computer running Excel 2000
    3 rows of toolbars at the moment
    Laptop screen (Dell Latitude D630) with 1280 x 800 pixels = Cell V31
    Additional monitor (Dell 2007FP) with 1600 x 1200 pixels = Cell AA59

  192. Flavio says:

    AC59 full, AC60 about 4/5ths of its height. 24" HP monitor LP2465.

  193. cil says:

    I also replied to your email. oops it has been a long weekend...
    Take care

  194. Tom Patel says:

    x37 on 20" monitor

  195. sheepie says:

    (24 inch screen - I have font size set to 8 point Arial)

  196. Rafay Ghauri says:


  197. Deepak Kumar says:

    Microsoft Office Excel 2007 O25
    Dell 17? Monitor

  198. amit says:

    (Arial 10 and 100%)

  199. Omkar says:

    S27 and in minimised ribbon S31

  200. Rajdeep says:

    O25 (Excel 2007)

  201. Andre says:

    Desktop screen Q38

  202. Anne says:

    Z38, have fun analysing... 🙂

  203. Kate says:

    S45 on my 19" work monitor.

  204. gerdami says:

    O33, on laptop 1024x768 px

  205. Dirk says:

    Laptop PBLJ65
    17" Screenresolution 1600x900
    Font Calabri 11
    Fullscreen X41
    With ribbon X33

  206. Bernie says:

    V33 on laptop 14" resolution 1440 x 900

  207. Marie Martinez says:

    ACER V223W monitor - cell Y38

    ACER AL1916W - cell U32

  208. Ekaterina says:

    (normal monitor at work)

  209. asimov says:

    U25 (14" Laptop)

  210. Robin says:

    O28 Primary monitor
    O32 Secondary monitor

  211. Serge says:


    S34 with the ribbon minimised


  212. Ravi says:

    S32 Excel 2007

  213. Felipe says:

    R 34
    and R40 with the ribbon minimized

  214. Jon says:

    P51 - Desktop 17" Monitor, Excel 2003, Taskbar hidden.

  215. Chris P says:

    Q47 Excel 2007

  216. Penny Bradley says:

    Z48 - Desktop computer with Excel 2003

  217. Mennen says:

    S27, laptop screen

  218. sinfonian0294 says:

    S46 on one 1280x960 display, AM46 stretched across two identical displays.

  219. Tim Clarke says:

    S27 on a laptop screen

  220. nextchill says:

    S33 on desktop

  221. Lorin Rivers says:

    u41, Excel 2011 on MacBook Pro

  222. lavkesh bhatia says:

    U25; with ribbon open

    (100% zoom level)

  223. Arun Pingaley says:


  224. Feliciano says:

    Q49 🙁

  225. Nisha says:

    S45 on my normal monitor at work with the ribbon in Excel 2007

  226. Oatmeal says:

    Excel 2007 - 22" desktop monitor @ 1280 x 1024 S45

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  228. Chris says:


    2 x 22 inch monitors 🙂

  229. Dan says:

    AD42 100% view

  230. Michael Pierce says:


  231. Ed says:

    W40 on monitor 1
    S32 on monitor 2

  232. vadi says:


  233. rickrusco says:

    S34 1440 X 900 on 17" widescreen w/Ribbon off and Google sidebar on

  234. Madhu says:

    it is S25

  235. Jayank2000 says:

    It is AC41

  236. Egil Nilsen says:

    AC47 16" full HD laptop

  237. Prabu says:

    S34 (Without Scrolling) , 100% Zoom, HP Laptop (14").

  238. MJP says:

    X50 - 27" widescreen

  239. PhilUK says:

    O31 - Laptop

  240. KWS says:

    AC58 wide-screen laptop - Excel 2003

  241. Slooshni says:

    SAMSUNG SynchMaster 930B (19"):
    normal ribbon: S37 (S38*)
    minimized ribbon: S42 (S43*)
    * Quick Access Tool-bar above

  242. bjc1138 says:

    Late to the party, but here is some data FWIW

    x61T laptop screen at 1400x1050: U44
    Dell 2005FPW 20.1" LCD at 1680x1050: Y45

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  244. Mecha.Zombie says:

    Even later to the party.

    T39 - on a single SyncMaster 920N (1280x1024)
    AM40 - if stretched over two SyncMaster 920N's (1280x1024)

  245. Iain says:

    AC42 on my primary screen
    V32 on my secondary

  246. vijaykumar says:


  247. Dick says:

    AC41, just installed a 24"Asus 🙂

  248. Simran says:

    U34 on laptop

  249. Htay Oung says:

    hp 500, S33

  250. Ghazanfar J says:

    s27, sony vaio

  251. Sean says:

    Excel 2010 on 2x Dell P2411H monitors (1920x1080 ea)
    Effective res 3840x1080

  252. suryakant says:

    According to me we can see IV65536 number of cell....for that we have to reduce cell & Column size to 1 pixel n zooming size to 10% ( but which is very difficult to see the cells (i.e IV65536 cells)

  253. Pedrito says:

    The last cell I see using an iMac 21.5' is AC 70

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