Chennai – First Impressions

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This is my first time in Chennai and these are my true feelings about this coastal city:

– The city looked familiar. I am a true to heart wanderlust and seldom I get this feeling. I think it has got to do with people and the trees. The place reminds me of Vijayawada/Vizag.

– No “cybercafes”. You might find it difficult to digest, but I have to literally walk/drive 2 kms from the place where I stay to find a cafe. Its true with my office as well. Actually I seldom find a cyber cafe when I am going in auto/bus.

– Food is costly. well, not that much though. I think in Hyderabad it costs 25/30 bucks for a meal. Chennai, you get nothing unless you shell out 40 rupees.

– Jasmines, well, almost all the women have their hair decorated with flowers. Coming from Andhra its not new, but the frequency is high.

– Distance, I think the distance between any two points in chennai is much more than what it would be in anyother city.

– yeah, the “auto” folks, not as much dangerous and blood sucking as they portrayed to be, but, yeah, they take you for a ride more than often.

– Weather, I think even people from England complain about it

– Food, almost similar to “andhra bojanam”. I am already addicted to most of the chennai varieties.

Well, thats all, otherwise my work is keeping me busy. More updates later.

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