its quiztime baby!

Posted on December 17th, 2004 in Random - 0 comments

damn the quizzes. we had what looked like 4 quizzes in the last 3 days. all of them being announced. in simple terms that means your afternoon naps are snatched along with the quiz papers each day. the best part is the MIS quiz. 2/3 mark for right answer and -1 for wrong answer :D.
Otherwise life is moving in a pretty much damn hectic fashion. but really dont want to complain about it for i love the race. It often reminds me a well known dilbert Douglas Adams [‘A hitchhikers Ride guide to the Galaxy’ fame] quote “I like the swooshing sound that deadlines make when they pass by” Not that i dont meet my deadlines. but the mad pace at which things happen (when they happen) gives me a feel good factor. talking about the feel good factors brings me to the topic of vacation. aah, the wonderful feeling of stillness. i will write my plans for the 8 days in my next blogs.

chalo, me off to the abc and balanced score cards.

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