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Knock, Knock ….

Smirnoff Vodka (SV): Is it Chandoo?

Chandoo (C): Yep.

SV: Hi!!!, this is SV. I stay in a bottle. just like the software engineers who stay in cubes. For that matter cubes are my best friends. 😀

C: Hic!!!, So …

SV: hmm.. So, wassup???

C: What is not???

SV: care to explain???

C: Hmm, IRIS work is going on full swing as the festival has started. Along with 200 others mez feeling like rotten tomato in a truck load of onions. I am ready to crash at any given second in the last 50 hours !!!.

SV: And…

C: and what!, i have seen everything in the last 2 days. Sleep deprivation, erratic diet, dirty clothes, interesting work, desparation, dust, urge to scratch my back… etc. etc.

SV: …

C: Thinking of going to sleep. Everything in my body is paining. I even dont know where i am feeling pain.

SV: <tempts>

C: baah…. i never took SV. and i dont think i will like you.

SV: you like sprite. I like sprite. Hence we like each other.

C: You are not thinking of becoming a manager. Right???

SV: Ok, i am no threat for you

C: Good.

SV: You can use the peanuts and stuff like that to make the night happening.

C: baah…

SV: look at the melting pot. Dont you feel like shaking your leg.

C: Yeah, i would love to dream about it.

SV: C’omn. Realize the dreams.

C: look, even if i want to drink, i cannot drink. Coz, i have to buy 3 coupons. But i cant consume all of them.

SV: hehe… BEG

C: Beg, begging for something which i dont want.

SV: Huh… you are good for nothing. No point persuading you.

C to Mayank: Coupan de be…

Mayank: le lo.

C to SV: heh.. i want to pee you. That is the only way i can take revenge on you.

SV: baah.


The plain fact is that i took a large peg of vodka tonight. It was good. 😀

Looking forward to the IRIS 2005.



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