Watch out if you are buying insurance online at GEICO – your password is not encrypted

Posted on July 23rd, 2008 in america , business , technology , wonder why - 2 comments

I have noticed something totally strange while trying to get an auto insurance quote online at GEICO. See it for yourself.


They are showing your password in the URL… OMG 😮

Make sure you don’t use the site for getting new quotes as it could be a potential privacy breach as anyone watching the URLs like network admins, ISPs owning the logs or other users of the computer can see your password and access your account to see your details like SSN, Date of Birth, Accident history.

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Written by Chandoo
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2 Responses to “Watch out if you are buying insurance online at GEICO – your password is not encrypted”

  1. Haven't seen something lame and stupid like this in recent times.
    Pity GEICO's customers.


  2. Murali says:

    hey... I am GEICO customer :((

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