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Google Spreadsheets Introduces Data Validation, Sweet!

Google Spreadsheets team has introduced another very useful feature to their online excel competitor: Data Validation.

Although the data validation is not as robust as that of Excel’s, it provides basic validations pretty neatly.

See a sample validation condition and how the error message would be displayed.

Google Docs Spreadsheets - Data Validation Feature

And the message:

Google Docs Spreadsheets - Validation Message

You can access data validation feature from Tools menu in the Google docs spreadsheets.

They have also enabled mobile access through list view, which is pretty nifty if you spreadsheet from your iPhone.

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4 Responses to “Google Spreadsheets Introduces Data Validation, Sweet!”

  1. Daniel Shi says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    This is pretty cool! And while Excel is robust, it was hard as heck to figure out how to do validation. It sure was not easy to figure it out and intuitive.

    But then again, using Google's method will require me to use the mouse more... and that is not good times.

  2. Hi PHD

    We corresponded a few months ago regarding, placing a link on my site which will provide access to your tips and archives.

    I have misplaced the emails and would like to proceed.
    Please advise

    South Africa

  3. MK says:

    How do you enter in a Data Validation when you don't use Subroutines?


    FONT.PROPERTIES(font, font Style, size, strikethrough, superscript, subscript, outline, shadow, underline, color, normal, background, start_char, char_count)


    With Selection.Characters(start_char, char_count).Font
    .Name = char_count
    .FontStyle = font_style
    .Size = size
    .Strikethrough = strikethrough
    .Superscript = superscript
    .Subscript = subscript
    .OutlineFont = outline
    .Shadow = shadow
    .Underline = underline
    .ColorIndex = color
    .Background = background
    End With

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