Purnography @ Khandala

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Its been almost a week into the induction here at North Point Centre for Learning @ Khandala. I am having a great time learning and enjoying. You can expect a detailed version of ‘first week @ work’ sometime later. For now this post would talk about the natural beauty in this place.

Its raining heavily for most of the last week here and you have to see khandala in rains. This place gives breath taking views of Bombay – Pune highway, the valley surrounding Lonavla, Khandala and most of the other scenic things that any hill station can offer.

Couldnt resist the shutterbug syndrome, so here is the dope.

covered with clouds, skywalk between the rooms and rest of the resort
Covered with clouds... skywalk

the entire place is covered with interesting trees and loads of greenery, a flower on the way to my room
Flower :)

snake or flower? , another flower
Snake or flower another flower


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