Misguided Enthusiasm?

Posted on January 31st, 2006 in Random - 0 comments

Yesterday I went to see the “Rang De Basanti” in Velocity. Everytime I go there I end up thinking about the youth in Indore. So, there I was watching the acclaimed performance by Aamir & co.

There is quite a bit of appreciation of the movie from the audience with vigils and claps every now and then. Somewhere towards the end of the movie there is a scene in which one of the lead actors beat up a policeman.To my surprise Most of the people in the theatre started clapping at this very point. Since when, we, Indians, known all over the world for our principles of non-violence, started to appreciate and enjoy violence to such an extent that we clap at the impulse reaction on the screen. May be its explainable when the hero beats up the villian, but a policeman who has got nothing to do.

Mind you, i am not discussing about the right or wrong or the message in the movie, but I am more surprised the misguided energy and enthusiasm in the people. Or is it that we have a negetive attitude towards police? Something to think…

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