How we think!

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I am not sure if this post will help you, but it will surely help me.

Today something interesting happened here. One of my classmates lost his rather valuable electronic gadget. He forgot the piece of circuitry somewhere and later mailed the batch that it was lost. Later in the night when I went to mess to have a cuppa I overheard a discussion about this. Everyone was asking whether the guy concerned has checked the guards and housekeeping staff. For a second even I thought like that. But when they left the place I couldn’t help but wondering about the strange irony of the whole situation.

Here I am, an MBA and ready to manage companies and people and I don’t have trust in them. Someone looses something and without even questioning all possibilities we shift our focus to housekeeping and security guards in the hope that one of them could have stolen it. Do we think that all the housekeeping people are thieves looking for opportunities? May be yes. I am not too sure how this negative attitudes are formed in us, but what I am sure about is… sooner or later the disease will spread to other sections, its just a matter of time and situations.

Why did I blog this? As I said in the beginning, this post will help me to remember this incident, for the good.

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