A beer that costed too much

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Since my sojourn in mumbai is coming to an end, I wanted to explore as much as possible before leaving this place. As a part of this urge to guzzle and glut, we (dock, karthik, loyya, myself) wanted to checkout sundance bar & restaurant which has an offer on some beer (a pint free with every pint you pay for). Despite working late yesterday I had all the energy and enthu to visit this place.

So there we are, 3 drunkards and one veggie teetotler (loyya) in the sundance. Since that place is otherwise expensive for food we decided to just have drinks and survive on the complimentary peanuts till we finish our drinks. The plan is to eat out in another place. But all of us had beers on empty stumochs and it hit us immediately and before we know we all are laughing and really feeling high.

Loyya works near sundance and he said he can take us to a cheap eatout. We walked with him till flora fountain. We were basically interested in some veggie place. Suddenly someone saw a place called Ankur Restaurant. Some one suggested that it might be a proper gujarati restaurant. We walked in boldly and broke the first rule of eating outs (that is, if you dont know, never enter an AC Restaurant). Once we got the menu cards we realised what a bomb it will cost us to eat there. The prices made us sober. 😀

After eating out there we walked upto nariman point to have the biscuit ice cream. It was 11:30 by then. A cab back to mackichan hall and I am on the bed by 12.

Thats the story of costliest beer I ever had (even though I had it only twice :D).


PS: If you ever want to eat at Ankur (its in the road behind Fountain Sizzlers) try murgh patiala. It tastes amazing.

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