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Webinar Replays

Welcome to our webinar replays page. You can watch replays and download materials for webinars from here. Just click on the relevant Webinar link and proceed.

Budget vs. Actual analysis in Power BI

[1 April 2019] Learn how to create budget vs. actual, target vs. actual analysis in Power BI. We use the case study of a property appraisal company and create various measures, visualizations and trend analysis using Power BI

Power query tips for accountants

Power Query for Accountants - 5 tips

[August 2018] Do you work with accounting or finance data? You are going to love, no scratch that, adore Power Query. It can save you precious time, make you look like a hero in-front of clients and keep you sane. In this masterclass, learn all about Power Query for accountants (and other kinds of finance people) & 5 tips.

Excel for HR - Top 5 tips

[July 2018] I recently finished a long consulting gig with one of the government ministries in New Zealand. Guess what I was doing? HR Analytics and Reporting.

In this webinar, I want to share my top 5 HR analytics examples, based on what I learned in the last 18 months.

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