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Power Query Power Course

What is this course?

Power Query is undoubtedly the most awesome feature of Excel. Using PQ (Power Query), we can automate data collection, clean-up and pre-processing steps easily.  In this power packed 90 minute course, 

You will learn:

  • 20 ways to clean up data using Power Query
  • How to save time on common data cleanup tasks like splitting, trimming & mapping.
  • How to merge two different sets of data on one or more keys.
  • How to append datasets coming from different places (files / folders)
  • How to completely transform unusable data with unpivot.

In the bonus video:

  • How to automate repetitive data clean-up tasks with Power Query
  • How to build and customize Power Query functions

What will you get?

Watch the 2 minute trailer below 👇

Play Video about Power Query mini course - trailer

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Thank you so much for considering my Power Query Power Course. 🙏😀

Wish you all the awesomeness in developing your Power Query skills.

If you have any questions about this course, email me at chandoo.d@gmail.com so I can help you.


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