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Data Analyst Bootcamp- 2023

Data Analyst Bootcamp - 2023 by Chandoo

What next?

  • I will be sending meeting invites by first week of October, 2023.
  • This training runs on 5 days -11th to 17th of October, 2023 

    Exact date & time in few popular locations:

    The time & date shown below is as per local time on the day of training.

    • Wellington, NZ: 6AM to 8AM
    • New Delhi, India: 10:30PM to 12:30AM
    • London, UK: 6PM to 8PM
    • New York, USA: 1PM to 3PM
    • Seattle, USA: 10AM to 12Noon

You also need to download and install:

Need invoice or something?

  • Drop me an email at chandoo.d@gmail.com with what you need.