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Thank you for joining Project Management Newsletter. I will be sending you frequent updates (may be once every 2 weeks). The updates will be on the following areas,

  • Project Management using Excel
  • Project Management Best Practices and Ideas
  • Articles on Project Management written by Others
  • Excel Formulas and Charting Concepts for PMs
  • Reviews of Books & Products that can help PMs

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I have created a small package of excel based templates that you can use to improve your productivity while managing projects.

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Purchase Project Management Templates made by Me

I have used my experience in excel and project management to create 24 project management excel templates. These templates can help you become smarter and more efficient at your job. The pack includes ready to use templates for,

  • Making Gantt Charts, Project Plans, Task Lists
  • Creating Timesheets, To do Lists, Issue Trackers and Risk Logs
  • Preparing Project Mgmt. related charts – Burn Down Charts, Milestone Charts etc.
  • and Making Project Management Dashboards and Project Status Reports.

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