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About Chandoo.org Affiliate Program – Join Today

Welcome to our affiliate center. Here you can find links and resources related to Chandoo.org’s affiliate program

If you haven’t already, click below link to join Chandoo.org Affiliate program

Join our Affiliate Program!

Why should you Join Chandoo.org’s affiliate program?

Because the commissions are unbelievably good. You get between 30% to 50% commission on sale price of the product depending on what you sold. Here is the list of commissions per product.

  • Excel Formulas E-book: 50% (that is $5 per sale)
  • Project Management Bundle for Excel: 30% (that is $9 or $13.5 per sale)

How it works?

  • First click here to sign up for our affiliate program
  • You will be taken to E-Junkie’s website where you can complete the signup process (you need a paypal account so that you can receive money there)
  • Once your account is enabled, you will be able to locate the affiliate links from e-junkie website.
  • You can link to the main website or to the individual product pages. My suggestion would be to link to the product pages.
  • Once you copy the link codes, just paste them in your website / blog / mailing list.
  • Once every month, during the first week, I will send you a payment to your paypal account (there is no minimum here, you can earn as low as 5$s and get paid)

So what are waiting for? Go ahead and sign up today.

Images that you can use in your ads

Excel Formula 1 Ebook

If you want to use the above image in your site (it is 250×125 pixels) use the below code

<img src="http://chandoo.org/img/aff/excel-formula1-aff-ad-1.png" 
alt="Excel Formulas Ebook" />

Excel Project Management Bundle

If you want to use the above image in your site use the below code

<img src="http://chandoo.org/img/ads/project-management-bundle-excel-ad-1.png" 
alt="Excel Project Management Templates" />

If you want to use the above image in your site use the below code

<img src="http://chandoo.org/img/ads/project-management-bundle-excel-ad-2.png" 
alt="Excel Project Management Templates" />

Remember, you still need to use your affiliate link code and just replace the text with this image.

One last tip: For better results, please see (or use) the product yourself and write a compelling review of it and share with your community.