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Foreword by Excel MVP & Blogger – Jon Peltier

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yeah, pinch your self. We are giving a 25 page e-book 95 Excel Tips & Tricks So that YOU can rock between 9 to 5 to all our e-mail subscribers.

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What is in this E-book?

This e-book includes 95 excel tips, charting tricks and short cuts that can make you more productive and efficient in your work.

It has 8 chapters:

  1. Foreword by Jon Peltier
  2. Excel Keyboard Shortcuts
  3. Day to Day Excel Usage
  4. Excel Charting Tips & Tweaks
  5. Follow These 6 Steps for Better Chart Formatting
  6. Excel Formulas for Everyday Situations
  7. Know these 15 Powerful Excel Formulas
  8. 15 Ways to Have Fun with Excel
  9. Know How to Paste Your Data – 7 Tricks

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