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Hello .. Introduce yourself


New Member
I just found your sight today. I have developed a yahtzee scoring sheet for playing online with friends and family and wanted to add animation. Hoping to learn much from all of you here...thanks in advance :)


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Hi everyone, I'm Shannon and I'm delighted to have found this forum, I'm looking forward to learn a lot about excel.
Thank you all. :)


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I m Naveed my specialization in excel very well I learn every time from experts someday I will be become expert in excel.


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Hi All, I'm Dom and have been using Excel on and off for a while now. Most recently I have dived into it and found out how much it has improved. Looking forward to learning from you all!


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Hello all. My name is Paul and I am a programming hobbyist. I enjoy coding up a Excel sheet too. I started with Basic in the 70's and have coded in a number of different languages. Have held coding jobs in 8080 machine code, APL, IDEA and C. I first learned about spreadsheets in Lotus 123. Currently I program Arduino's in C+ and Excel. Professionally I am currently a health care provider and while I will retire from that fairly soon, I expect never to retire from my coding hobby!

I reside in Orange County CA with my wife of 32 years and my girlfriend Daisy ( mini Australian shepherd ) My two adult daughters work in local hospitals, one a brave first responder in an ER. Hat tip to you and all those who showed up for work during the early unknown days of the pandemic.



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Hi guys! I'm Sidharth, and I want to say that this platform looks amazing. I'm, by the way, trying to enter into the pharmaceutical businesses analytics domain which of course requires excel skills.


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Hey all. I am Pankaj at HyperOffice, and an Excel power user. Hoping to learn from the peeps here!

www .hyperoffice. com
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Akshay Handoo

New Member
Hi all. I my name is Akshay currently residing in Mumbai (India) wanting to develop my skills in writing formulas in excel for various conditional requirements. I was pretty excited to know that such forum exists. Looking forward to learn from the everyone around.