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Hello .. Introduce yourself

Hi, I'm Stan, accountant in Switzerland and learning excel VBA by myelf. Looking forward to recieve the support I need and hopefully being able to help out other people!
Hello. Tom from Michigan USA. I'm a newbie here. I'm not totally unfamiliar with Excel, but I do know there is a TON of things it can do that I don't even know about. I want to learn more.
Hi All,

I have heard alot about this forum. Logging in to meet a wonderful set of people.

I am having some trouble understanding how to recreate my database for use. I have data of a survey where answers are given by respondents to different questions.
My data is currently set on application level while I want to convert it to Brand level.

Can someone help to convert it to me?
Hello, this is my first post to introduce myself. My name is Ahmo, I live and work in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I want to improving my skills with Excel.
Hello Everyone,

I am Asha Kanta Sharma from India. I am currently working as Manager - Finance & Accounts and would like to gain and have a larger exposure in Excel and Data Analytics.

Hope to learn and share useful insight on this great platform for the benefit of all.
Hi All,
I have used chandoo.org in multiple occasions as it is rather simple and useful.
I hope I can find the site useful for upcoming project
Hi Everyone,
I am Rupert Obiebi from Nigeria. I am currently working as Manager Field Engineering and Quality for a Telecom outfit.. I want to acquire more knowledge in Excel and I believe I can get it here. One love to all.
Found this site while desperately googling a solution for a formula I am trying to write and I hope to be able to contribute as well as ask. :)
Hi everyone,
Greetings. This is Shamim Mahmudul Karim from Bangladesh. I have been serving with a multinational Medical Device Company based in Dhaka. I look after the entire sales team of Bangladesh as the Team Leader-Bangladesh. I am very much excited to join the forum. I am sure that the forum will be very helpful for my professional development. Thanks Chandoo.
Hey there all!

My name is Vishal, I'm from India, I'm glad to have registered to be part of a great group of people.

I find this site incredibly helpful, and hopefully supportive through this forum. And it could be helpful for learning and improving the excel to me, looking to expand my knowledge of excel, VBA, etc.

Thanks in advance for the support.

Hi everyone,

I am Reyn from Indonesia. My job now requires the ability of Excel and it turns out I really enjoyed it. I hope in this forum we can share knowledge and become more proficient together :awesome::awesome::awesome:


Greetings Folks!!!

Just joined Chandoo.org forum. My name is Sameer Sippy and basically working as a Senior Business Analytics with a IT Firm at Kochi. Basically from Pune, India. Hae both Healthcare & Management background along with a rich, diversified experience in Healthcare, Insurance & Risk Management verticals.

I have been viewing Chandoo.org website from time to time and am really enriched by the methodologies used by Chandoo to impart education and spread the knowledge of Excel.
I am a Medical Doctor and love to learn Excel, have been using it for entering and storing patient data over the last 18 years, which has resulted in thousands of patients clinical details being saved as we transitioned across various proprietary EMR platforms.
Hi, I have just joined the Forum. Greetings from India Chennai. am Finance Background, my hoppy to learn new technical & techniques on a daily basis. this forum will give more & more information to Fresher & experienced guys. I like this forum...:):):)
Hi All,
I joined the forum because I am stuck trying to write a vba code for a repetitive task that I do everyday using Excel at work. I haven't used Excel vba script in over 5 years. I'm trying to get up to speed fast. I have several Excel vba programming books and youtube videos trying to help me with this task. Hopefully, forum can help with a solution or vba tips. This forum looks like a great place to start!
I joined the forum to assist me becoming awesome at VBA programming!

I'm trying. I'm learning. But now I"m sort of stumped and need help from the experts!
Hi people,

I'm a Workforce Analyst that joined to improve my skill with the best practices that are shared on this forum to improve Excel skill

I have sets of data which needs to be migrated as one...

First data -- The List of Products & the Discount IDs (Here Product codes are unique & each product will have one Discount ID. But Discount IDs are not unique one discount ID can be shared with multiple Product codes)..

Second data -- The Discount IDs list along the multiple quantity ranged tiered discounts..

I need to VBA tool which converts the above data into the Product code with Discount IDs list along the multiple quantity ranged tiered discounts..

Attached the simple file as an example with the expected result sheet 3.. I know the exampled data can be achieved with a simple Pivot table by using relationship option...

The real data is too huge and I tried using the options like Power Query, Power Pivot which is not helping me here.. If some can built a VBA tool which will help me..

Hope someone can help to get tool to get this done



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Hello .. Introduce yourself
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Hi together, i learn with some of Chandoos Courses and i love them. I'm looking forward to learn something new on the forums and to help other people with Excel issues.