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Hello .. Introduce yourself


New Member
Hi, I'm Stan, accountant in Switzerland and learning excel VBA by myelf. Looking forward to recieve the support I need and hopefully being able to help out other people!


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Hello. Tom from Michigan USA. I'm a newbie here. I'm not totally unfamiliar with Excel, but I do know there is a TON of things it can do that I don't even know about. I want to learn more.


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Hi All,

I have heard alot about this forum. Logging in to meet a wonderful set of people.

I am having some trouble understanding how to recreate my database for use. I have data of a survey where answers are given by respondents to different questions.
My data is currently set on application level while I want to convert it to Brand level.

Can someone help to convert it to me?


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Hello, this is my first post to introduce myself. My name is Ahmo, I live and work in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I want to improving my skills with Excel.