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Hello .. Introduce yourself

HI everyone,

My excel knowledge is pretty good. However, i struggle with some of the new features or features that have been changed. I operate with Excel 365.

I am a trading mentor and have tools etc to make you into a profitable trader.
Hi All,

I'm Penuel from the Philippines nice to meet great people in this forum, I hope we all grow and learn from each other Thanks!
Hi All,

My name is Usman and I have been managing different business processes for large BPOs for quite some time now. I have been using Excel for more then a decade now and I have been taking help of different forums over the internet so far to get my solutions but I still believe to learn a lot to manage/report data. I hope to get the best out of this forum as well to help with the problems I face with Excel and of course to share knowledge if it's useful.

Hello all. Been working with Excel since 4.0. At that time I used Lotus 123 more, but when Excel 5.0 came out I switched over. When they first came out with VBA I wasn't thrilled, I thought, why change a good macro language? Well, I embraced VBA and haven't looked back.

I've written several Excel programs, and have a good knowledge (at least of the functions and features I use). The ones I don't use, I'm sure I could learn much from the good people here.

I look forward to helping and learning.
Hi, just joined the forum. I am upcoming software developer from Ghana. I recently started writing my own macros but not that much. I recently came across this forum and would be glad to be supported in this course.
Thank you.
Hi Everyone,

Looking forward to learning all your tips and Excel tricks, looks like a great place for learning and sharing.

Hi Everyone,

Looking forward to learning new here in excel, especially on power pivot and power query.

Hi, I have been following chandoo for a couple of years. It has been a wonderful source for excel issues. I'm not at an advanced level, just good enough for my regular job in HR. This is the first time I am trying to post something that may help me to be more effective at work. English is my second language so my ingles could be a little confusing when expressing my ideas sometimes. I found confusing the navigation to post something in this site, it seems I have not done it right that all yet. my apologies. here I am trying again. Soph.
Good morning all! I have been following Chandoo for a year or so now, and honestly have to say that the videos have been a major help with my new career path using Excel in an HR environment. I look forward to learning more about how deep Excel (and other Office applications) can help me out with my career.
Good Moring, been trying to increase my abilities in Excel. Been working with Access for 25 years, now trying to convert all those files to Excel. Hope I can find answers here.
Assala-mu-alee-qum Friends!!!

I am a Civil Engineer, I use Excel daily and I help my office staff members in using this fascinating piece of software MS Excel.

I have found very active people here, and they really helped me a lot.

I pray for the Health and Safety of all the team members of this forum.

Cheers from Kelowna, BC, Canada, Have been a long time, daily user of Excel in my oil and gas consulting practice but have done very little with macros or Vba. Hoping to do a few projects to help me learn the basics of both. Hopefully, I can also contribute in the future.
Hi! Pawel from Poland, currently living in Sweden. As written in my first post, decided to join after I found some useful tips here. Cheers! :)
Hello All!
I am Robert from USA! I am an environmental scientist that works with water quality and quantity data!
I am new here and am also a student doing a project about water quality monitoring programs and management. I discovered the main issues with the Great Barrier Reef, and if you are still alive on this forum, I would appreciate some help besides the support I am getting from free essays from a good source. I've met you, and here I get inspiration to realize my project, so I think it will be great. In summary, I will be so thankful to you if you offer ideas about water quality research as a professional scientist in this domain; waiting for your feedback; thanks in advance.
Hi, I have Just Joined the forum and Greeting from Bangladesh. I'm really feel very happy to joining with this great Knowledgeable VBA Excel expertise Team and hoping I'll learn huge complexed solutions using VBA in Excel.