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Hello .. Introduce yourself

Hi I am Ranjit , Chief Accountant in UAE based trading co. This site has been helpful to day to day challenges of Reporting and Data analytics.
Hats off to experts contributing to the world at large , solutions to a half baked lot of accountants/admins etc.
Greetings from Indiana. I ran into your site by way of a cross-post in another site that I have been a member of for many years. Just looking for yet another place to learn, help, and have some fun.
Hi to All,
i am a great fan of excel, and I am happy to be here to learn from all the top notch excel masters, I hope i can count on all of you a million times and over. Thx
Hi Everyone...

I am Mpho from South Africa. I am Here to learn and also feed with the little i have that might be helpful to other. i am interested in becoming an expect in excel. i am self studying and hoping to be helped here and be helpful to others.

looking forward to all challenges with everyone here.

I'm Dave from Texas. I've been writing small Excel sheets for years to help myself and co-workers with tasks and calculations at work, but haven't done much with Macros because a lot of the computers I work on have Macros turned off by the Admin and you can't use them. I retired in December from a job that required a lot of travel and I'm now working from home for another company. I took some programming courses back in the 80's in college and have written some programs in C language for my employer on occasion. Recently I've been studying MySQL to help with tasks of my new employer.
Hi. I've been using the information provided by this website for a long time and have, over time, created many different files, formulas, and scripts to achieve various functions. I hope to learn more and help others where I can.
This is the first time i ever register for any website and look forward to learning more. Its such a wonder place to learn. Great work.
Hello All.
First time blogging, As a financial and operations specialist, I use excel in my work(Long time ago, I used Access) to analyze data via merging reports of all sorts and sources to get to a massive report from which I breakdown the relative info to all departments
Hi everyone. This must be the right forum as I read the threads and post my queries. Thanks for this excellent Excel community. Im from the Philippines.
Hi all,

I am Saurabh Jain from India and working in a IT company. I have strong experience of 19+ years in different programming/ Scripting languages (VB, Java, Python, JSP, ASP, Servlets etc.). I am sun certified Java programmer. I am working in Excel/ VBA for last 10+ years and always ready to learn new and automate the manual work. I joined the forum to learn more about Excel/ VBA and share the information.
Hi everyone,
I work in the automotive industry and almost everything we do is in some type of MS Office application, and sometimes I need a little help!

Hi, this is the first time in my life to be in the forum. I value to the forum in order to share/learn something new. Thanks.
Today I registered with this Forum and hope to be benefitted from the useful knowledge of the collegues of this Forum
Hi, joined this forum a moment ago ! This is where i can find some brilliant responses to my queries , looking forward to learn from each one of you