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Hello .. Introduce yourself


New Member
Hi all..

After weeks of thought, finally I have yielded to it.


I have finally eaten a whole half kg of ice cream that is...

Well, not really, I have created the forum on PHD. People have been emailing me and asking me "where can I ask a question?" Often telling them to "go bing or google" seems like an idea. But not all problems are solved and that is why we have this forum.

I feel very excited to get this forum ready. I think forum is much more relaxed and fun place than a blog. we can write in a more casual and simple way and connect with each other.

So ... Welcome to PHD forums.. Please tell me about yourself...

I am excited to see this forum as I have gotten a lot of great tips from PHD and look forward to learning more. Keep up the great work!
Hello, I'm Jane, south east UK. IT Manager and 'needtobe' Excel geek. Getting my head around doing a variance analysis and dashboard landed me here. This is probably the coolest Excel forum (and newsletter) on the planet. Thanks to everyone involved and especially PHD. BTW, forumla, a spanish version of a forum - just noticed I can't spell formula in my first post to the other thread.
Greetings folks, my name is Jimmy Peña and I've been frequenting this blog ever since I saw Jon Peltier mention it on his blog about a year ago. Lots of great tips can be found here, and with a forum it can only get better.

I've been programming for a few years now, mostly VBA with some VB and Java here and there. I'll stop by from time to time and see if I can lend a hand on the forums.


Hello all,

I'm Garet, I am an accountant who works at a company that has somewhat poor support for the way the budget in my particular area has to be sorted. I often need to find some good ways around that, and wound up here.

I've been reading this blog, along with a number of others from an aggregate feed reader. I've found it to be helpful and pretty awesome. I can do excel formula gymnastics with ease, but array formulas and VBA quickly land me beyond my ability. However, I am often looking for the most efficient way to solve a problem, and willing to do a little research to find it. I'm looking forward to learning from the creme de la creme of excel geek though!
Hi all,

I am Mr Buck in Adelaide, Australia and I work in a large Telco doing data design and sourcing. Lots of SQL, VBA etc and my interest is in Data Visualisation and all things Excel. The first 30 minutes of every day is dedicated to learning something new in Excel and I do this with the help of Excel blogs and forums like this and many others. I know there will be plenty to learn here and maybe I can even share a thing or to.
Hi, Andy here. I stumbled in to Chandoo's spot a year ago and have been a fan ever since. I do analysis and provide data support for the Actuarial department at a private insurance firm. I love to learn and help out where I can, especially with Excel formulas, VBA, work flows and data visualization.
Hi, I'm Chris and I'm a Black Belt (sounds like the opening line at a BB Anonymous meeting?!) at GE in Leicester, UK.

I no longer have a shortcut to MiniTab on my desktop, because excel is so much more flexible! Since subscribing to PHD, I've learnt enough to reproduce most of the core statistical functionality and I'm now obsessed with visualisation!

That said, I've only really been using Excel in anger for about 3 years - so much to learn!

I do a lot of work on internal metrics and analysis around quote conversion ratios - my audience typically just wants to see a 'picture' and this is where PHD has proved priceless!

Thank you Chandoo, and all the other contributors for your wisdom - I look forward to making good use of this forum - maybe even help a little?!
Hi, I´m Fabio Vianna, from Brazil

I´m owner of an excel consulting company, called Fabrica de Planilhas.

I´ve been working with Excel since it wasn´t Excel, but Lotus 1-2-3 (with a computer with no HD, with a green monitor...) :)

I´m also a teacher of VBA, macros, Dashboards, Pivot Tables, Charts, etc etc etc...

I'm Justin (JB),from New Zealand

I was fortunate enough to stumple upon this site about a year ago and have visited every week since.

I'm always stunned how visitors and contributors to this site are using Excel and have learnt a great many new ways to use it by following the tips/tricks and mindbending application of formulas posted here.

I work in Casino analytics, and while heavy duty BI Tools a Ok for aggregrating large volumes of data, nothing comes close to the flexibility of Excel.

Like many I'm hooked on (& easlily distracted by) the many cool ways of visualising data in Excel.

I hope to learn from you all..
Hello all,

Tim here. I absolutely love this site. Very thought provoking as well as practical. I have pulled myself out of many jams by referring back to this site for an excel fix to a spreadsheet and graph.

Great site you have here.

The content is absolutely great and the site looks very neat and professional.

Keep up the great (3rd great) work.
Hi all,

I am Syed from Kuwait, joining this blog I expect a lot of excel learning opportunities, I admire Chandoo's abilities and sense of humor. I can see many excel experts are members of this blog so with above basic level excel knowledge I can imagine how much here for me to learn. Thanks to everyone for being here to teach and learn.
Hi all,

I'm Radu from Romania. I'm a reporting analyst for a telecom company, and I've "stumbled" upon PHD looking for some excel tips for a report I was creating some time ago. I guess this was the luckiest Google search I ever did, and I wasn't even "Feeling Lucky" :)). I'd like to thank all of you, and especially Chandoo, for your great work. Keep it up!
I'm Brett from Canada, I'm a Librarian in Qatar right now and I have massive quantities of data downloaded into Excel spreadsheets that I have to figure out how to deal with.

I really appreciate this forum, I've used the website extensively already!
Hi there,

I'm Govert from The Netherlands. I am a Business Intelligence consultant for the banking industry.

I use Excel to make dashboards and reports. I also (try) to make simple applications using VBA(=copy/paste from internet resources) ;-)

This fall I will take the MCAS Excel exam.

I have got this forum open all day and I will try to help with the questions that are posted.

@Chandoo: Love your site!!!

I'm Tony from (old) South Wales in the UK. I'm a software trainer, specialising in Excel and Access.

I've only recently come across this site and at first sight it looks worthwhile investigating further.

Good luck with the forum.
I guess I'm the Angry Vampire Accountant based on my Avatar.

I'm a strong user in Excel and working on improving. Don't know much about charting yet, so need to learn. Know enough VBA so I can be somewhat dangerous.

Like your site and have it fed to one of my iGoogle tabs (along with DataPig; another favorite).

Just hope to learn from the experts and then maybe someday, I can help answer questions.
Hi there !!

My name is Martin, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Used to be IT Manager, now promoted to Regional Administration.

Love to use Excel, pretty much for everything (I've even created and distributed personalized HTML files from a user list in Excel, using Lotus Notes !!)

Since I've discovered this blog, I'm constantly amazed by the lots of things that I can do better in Excel, and by the lot of people that contributes to do so with great ideas and points of view.

great work Chandoo !!

In my former life I used excel 90% of my day. I just started my MBA full-time so now it's only 25% - 50% of my day!

I've learned a lot from this blog over the past year plus and just recently read some of the posts from a long time ago and realized that Chandoo started it when he was in a similar stage in his life. Thanks for all the great information Chandoo and for providing some inspiration in past posts for me.

I neither an IT professional or a luddite. Over the years I've gradually relied more and more on excel and found out that i use less and less of its capabilities. Mainly through ignorance. I've dabbled with writing my own macros and on occasion some VBA (but not much) and have found that I generally need a pointer. thanks to this site most of my sheets look and perform better.

Hey there all! I'm glad to have registered to be part of a great group of people. I am currently a sponge on almost anything Excel, except those items that are WAY over my head. I'd like to think of myself as an intermediate user. I can navigate fairly well though a spreadsheet, and always willing to learn more.
HI just joined, as needed some input on some gantt charts. Info looks good and handy. been using excel for 12 years. Have used alot of handy hint/tips sites for specific issues. Work in support management in Scotland and with large IT hardware company doing project and quality related reports etc.